Diana Schmidtke is constantly approached for her insider knowledge and the ultimate question "How did you make it?" Finally, to unveil the mystery of her great success, Diana offers targeted courses to empower others so that the beauty industry can grow and prosper as it has for so many years. Being CURRENTLY working in the industry every day with A-list talent, Diana brings an exciting glamour and mystique to you in a down-to-earth, step-by-step philosophy. Her thinking? "If I can do it, so can you!"

Celebrity stylist and grooming expert Diana Schmidtke offers a variety of educational services to fit your specific needs. Whether you are an individual stylist or makeup artist, a salon owner or teacher in the industry, Diana has a course for you. Her interactive courses are both informative and inspirational.

TEACHERS SEMINAR: The Who's Who and the What's What

As an educator, it can be difficult to keep on top of the current industry and ongoing opportunities for your students. With Diana Schmidtke's insight into the world of fashion and entertainment, you can better assist your students in understanding all of the opportunities available to them and how to navigate this relatively new area. In this full, one-day course, Diana will begin with an overview of the industry and explain the ins and outs in entertainment work, fashion, television, music videos and editorial. She will provide you the tools to make you an expert and top resource for your students in this exciting arena. Involved in the day course is teaching your students to source out current information and resources, such as photographers and models, as well as the diverse jobs and insider secrets, as well as assisting your students in pinpointing the particular area they are most interested in. This is extremely valuable knowledge that has never before been available. Diana's work with the crème de la crème of Hollywood makes her contacts and resources sought after throughout the globe.


Who wouldn't want to hear directly from the source? Many students dream of working with celebrities, seeing their work in a top magazine, or own their own salon one day. Yet many do not know how to even begin. Diana Schmidtke, in this three hour course, will come to speak to your students on how to break into this exciting world. Knowledge is power and Diana offers the key information that will be very important tools as they enter the workforce. With key strategies, specific tips and creative thinking, Diana can leave your students more knowledgeable, inspired, excited and equipped to command their own career. From accounting skills (which many students do not know), to salon and on-set etiquette, to investigating resources and being proactive, your students will see new avenues they may have never known. Diana will end the course with a student Q&A session - the liveliest part of the course!


This individual course is for those stylists who have reached a success level where they have mastered their craft and want to move into other areas. Whether looking to expand into freelance work, or simply to diversify their own talents and create more networking and outreach, Diana offers out-of-the-box thinking and strategies that many stylists have never considered. From approaching major brands to researching the players in the world of entertainment, and opportunities in your own city, Diana can give you the necessary tools to expand and grow not only your career, but also your creativity and motivation. She will be your personal guide to help you have the knowledge and confidence to become the artist of your dreams.

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If you are unable to have a seminar with Diana Schmidtke, she offers a workbook that can help you excel and inspire you and give you insider information every stylist needs in her book, SHORTCUTS: To a Successful Career as a Hairstylist or Make Up Artist in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry. Please go to the book option on this site for more information.

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