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Why Your Brand Needs an Infographic Design Service

Content marketing comes in many forms

Ebooks, blogs, and articles, but one of the most effective digital marketing tools today are great infographics. Studies have shown that infographics can improve web traffic, clicks, and social media shares, all while doing advertising for your brand. The data is abundantly clear, web users love infographic designs. By relying on infographic designs, it shows that your brand is listening to your audience as well as respecting their valuable time.

Web users respond to visual experiences

The best infographics do the work of communicating complex data to the general public while also building a brand's expertise and authority. Infographics have a way of catching the reader's eye more than blogs or long-form articles, and users spend more time with a piece of content when it contains a compelling visual presentation of information. In many ways, infographics are more interactive. They’re easier to share, easier to read, and more visually effective. Don’t miss out on a more powerful brand experience for prospective leads and veteran customers alike.

At LinkGraph, we specialize in visually engaging data visualizations

Our writers, illustrators, and graphic designers match their design style to your brand's image and voice, so you can promote, share, and benefit from the best infographic designs through all of your marketing channels. We work to understand your tone and audience so our infographic designers can truly help your rich media and visual experiences stand out in a more compelling way.

Our Infographics Portfolio

Browse through recent, great examples of static infographics we've created for clients. With the variety of high-quality options, our infographic designers are on standby to ensure that we develop a gorgeous piece of rich media that can help you meet and exceed your content and SEO goals.

Why clients love LinkGraph

Our infographic designers create high-quality rich media that can help your brand stand out from the competition. If you’re looking for more inbound traffic, the right infographic design service can help you get there.
Link Building
If you want to snag those valuable inbound links, what better way than with a well-crafted infographic that can be shared all across the internet? Web users love to share links to their favorite graphics which can help you build a stronger backlink portfolio.
Ongoing Relevance
The right piece of content has the potential to be shared for years to come, keeping your brand in the spotlight. Whether you’re creating a one-off piece that has the power to stand alone or you’re working on a series that can keep readers coming back, your relevance is important to your success.
Multiple Uses
Work with our infographic designers to develop rich media that can work across your marketing strategy. You could get your graphics placed on a high-end, authoritative site or use them on your own webpages. It simply depends on your choice of campaign.
Ready to learn how infographics can help improve your content?

Our Approach to Infographics

High-Quality Infographic Design
Digital Outreach and Exploration
SEO Optimization
Infographic Designers with SEO Expertise
Keyword and Title Selection

Ditch the simple Canva brochures and motion graphics. If you want a piece of content that can truly elevate your SEO efforts, you need to invest in quality. To start, you’ll meet with our suite of top infographic designers so we can better understand your brand’s goals. With some smarter goal setting, it’s easier to collaborate on an infographic that has the potential to catch hold with your target audience.

At LinkGraph, we don’t create rich media just for the sake of it. With the right goal-setting backing your rich media and motion graphics, you have the potential to develop a piece of evergreen content that could aid your SEO needs for years to come. On top of this, we can determine how to apply your infographics, whether it’s within an ebook or as a piece of microcontent that is placed behind a subscription.

When you meet with our designers, keep a few things in mind. First, is the infographic going to support a specific campaign? Or are you going to take a multichannel approach? Second, are you considering a one-off design or do you have a longer content series in mind? Third, how is the subject of your infographic going to support your overall SEO goals? By answering these, we can create an infographic that ticks all the right boxes.

We use a multi-step design process to ensure that we’re meeting your precise needs throughout. We’ve hired some of the best infographics designers that can take an idea, narrative, or brand message and turn it into a compelling work of visual media. From your initial consultation with our infographics design service to the final presentation where you’ll see your infographic in action, we’ll work with you every step of the way to craft the graphic of your dreams.

While it would be simple enough to craft a piece of content for you, we also strongly believe in follow-through. In many ways, crafting the infographic is simply the start of the process. On top of our high-end infographic design services, we also have the potential to help you get your content implemented on your site or spread with our digital PR managers.

Our digital publicity team is your ticket to stronger amounts of outreach. If your brand requires stronger levels of outreach, we have a digital publicity team that can help you set the ideal strategy for your final publication. Whether you want your infographic design placed on an authoritative web publication or your goal is to press for more brand mentions, our PR experts can help you every step of the way.

It’s the better way to make sure that your valuable content keeps working for you. Plus, with the more outreach you do, the more likely your infographic is to generate some important inbound traffic. If you want to know more about the PR services, placement options, and content development tactics that we use at LinkGraph, you can always reach out to a specialist.

If you’re spending all of your time simply focusing on the aesthetics of your infographic, chances are you’re neglecting your content, your SEO optimization, or both. While it’s important that you end up with a visually appealing piece of rich media, you want it to also bring in leads, reach new and target markets, and help you generate conversions and social shares. So, how do you do this? Well, you want to start with your infographic design services.

Outside of choosing the right keywords and titles, you also need to make sure that you’re including other SEO best practices that can help your content perform more effectively. At LinkGraph, we can help you develop a more robust strategy. This includes ensuring that your URL string contains the right keywords or phrases. It also includes your meta description, your overall content length, and incorporating headers and image alt text that makes sense with your general SEO strategy.

On top of these tactics, you want to make sure that it’s easy to share your infographic. This means incorporating social sharing buttons and easy linking opportunities. Otherwise, you’re going to have a difficult time with outreach. After all, if your content isn’t easy to share, why would your readers choose to post it anywhere else?

Our infographic designers understand not only the visual impact of infographics, but their SEO power. Infographics are a great tool to engage your customers, but they also can get your site ranking in Google Image Searches, earn backlinks organically, and improve your digital PR and link building campaigns. While it might sound far-fetched that a single piece of rich media could do so much, we partner with the best infographic designers for this specific purpose.

Publications love including infographics in their articles or blog posts, and creating a compelling, informative infographic that also includes your logo or brand name can provide a wealth of site authority building opportunities for a long time. On top of that, you have the potential to reach larger segments of your audience through social sharing opportunities. Rich media tends to circulate on popular social channels for a reason. A quality infographic could be just the ticket to reaching a new market segment.

Plus, contrary to popular belief, infographics are still incredibly valuable for SEO campaigns. Not only can an infographic be optimized to perform well on its own but it can drive valuable viewers to your page. The more members of the audience you reach, the more likely you are to convert some of those ever-important leads.

Are you looking to find leads by sharing your infographic? Are you ready to get the right brand mentions for your target keywords? Are you struggling to develop a catchy title that will entice your audience to read on through your infographic? Let LinkGraph help you out. Since our infographic designers are so well-versed in SEO best practices, we know exactly how to craft a keyword strategy that will make your infographic sing.

This is because, unlike other infographic design services, we always go the extra mile to ensure your content can go toe-to-toe with the competition. Additionally, that’s a great way to set an ultimate goal for your infographic’s performance. We can create your entire infographic around keywords and title selections so your content tells a cohesive, engaging story. By using the right language and telling an impressive story, you make it that much more likely that your infographic will find its way to the right audience members.

On top of that, you run less of a risk of creating an infographic that is less likely to alienate your readers. Even with an infographic, your audience has a limited amount of time. As a result, you want to make sure that every piece of content respects that limited timeframe.

When clicking on any piece of content, it’s important to remember that your viewers are likely looking for solutions. If you can give them those solutions quickly and in a visually engaging package, you’re already giving yourself a strong advantage over the competition. It’s the best way to make sure that your infographic design is going to provide some additional value over time and tell a story that’s truly relevant to your brand and your users.

Infographic Design Services and Campaigns

Design consultation
Content Pitches
Links and Sharing
Inbound Marketing

You’ll meet with our world-class team of designers. During this step, you can browse through our infographic design service portfolios, learn about pricing and estimates, and even discuss some of the details of your specific SEO needs. We will find a way to ensure that each and every component of your content looks good, attracts readers, and is worth sharing across the internet. This way, you can reach all those prospective leads and have an infographic that truly reflects your brand’s values.

Have a great idea for how to use your infographic but not sure where to place it? We can help. Outside of our infographic designers, we also have a team of PR and content specialists that can find the perfect outlet for your new piece of rich media. At LinkGraph, we have a proven track record of finding high-quality, authoritative sites that will work alongside your vision for your overall SEO campaign. If you’re interested in learning more about our wide variety of PR services, you can talk to a specialist.

If you’ve ever struggled to get your brand more valuable mentions or to create content that really resonates with your target audience, we’re here to help. Infographics are some of the most shareable pieces of content on the internet. By focusing your brand messaging and telling a robust story with your graphics, you’re proving yourself to be a subject matter expert. If you want quality sites and prospective customers to share your content across the internet, this is the perfect place to start.

You want your content to work for you, not the other way around. If you’re spending too much time on outbound leads and prospecting, you’re losing out on leads that could be looking for you. With strong infographic development, you can easily improve your inbound marketing prospects, especially when you pair your rich media with robust PR placements. A well-researched, relevant infographic has the potential to truly shake up your inbound marketing efforts. 

Infographic SEO Case Studies

If you want to see just how much an infographic can help your brand’s messaging shine, take a look at some of the following examples. Combined with our top-tier SEO platform, it’s easy to see why our infographic designers are regarded as some of the best in the business. Whether you’re looking for a one-off graphic that can help attract viewers or you’re gearing up for a complete infographic campaign, the LinkGraph SEO, infographic design, and PR teams are here to help. Take a look at what we can do for you.

Benefits of Infographics

Brand Awareness
What is your audience more likely to remember? A lengthy blog article or a strong piece of visual media like an infographic? If you’re trying to make a quality first impression or reach out to some long-dormant customers, an infographic can help users readily connect your brand imagery with your content. By creating a lasting impression, you’re making it that much more likely to convert prospective leads.
Bold Messaging
A stunning graphic can say a lot by doing a little. While you may not include as much text-based content alongside an infographic, you can convey key information to your audience in a bold, aesthetically pleasing way. This way, it’s that much easier to sustain your audience’s attention and ensure that your content resonates. It’s a smarter, more effective method for showcasing your brand messaging.
Effective Marketing
If you want your content to be recognized by the top search engines, you need to enlist some more effective marketing tactics. Different Google trends show that users still greatly enjoy infographics and may even tend to prefer them over static content in certain cases. You need to incorporate marketing that works smarter as opposed to harder. When you see some of the key benefits of infographics for the development of your brand, you’ll be glad you reached out.

Infographic Design Service Basics

Make Key Points
Use the Right Colors
Spacing Matters
Fonts Are Effective
Edit, Edit, Edit

If you want your infographic to struly stick out, it’s important to develop a message that will really resonate with your audience. While it may be tempted to try and cover all of your bases at once, this can lead to a less-cohesive design. Instead, you want your points to be focused, on-brand, and coherent. This will all lead to a more effective infographic design. Remember: Making something more complex just for the sake of it being more complex doesn’t always mean that it’s better. While your overall “plot” can be as simple or as complicated as you want, you need to be able to ensure that the end result is focused and practical.

Whether you’re picking out colors that reflect your brand identity or you’re sticking to the primary three, your color scheme can ultimately make or break your finished design. If the end result looks too monochromatic, it comes across as simple or basic to your target audience. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for an infographic design that is busy, busy, busy, it can be a turnoff. It’s important that you try to strike the right balance when deciding on colors. Complementary colors, natural pairings, and key applications of the color wheel can give you the right hues and shades to draw viewers in. If you need advice where colors are concerned, our team of infographic designers can help you make the best decision for your online strategy.

Though it may be tempting to cover every corner of your infographic with different design elements, it can end up hurting the finished product. Instead, you want to avoid bunching up your key elements. Otherwise, it’s harder for readers to follow along and it can ultimately dilute your brand’s messaging. By relying on careful applications of negative space (also known as whitespace), you’re creating a more cohesive design that allows your target audience to easily grasp key pieces of information throughout the infographic. By doing this, you’re ensuring the reader doesn’t get either overwhelmed or bored.

There’s a reason many of the best infographics designers will advise you to prioritize certain fonts over others. After all, if you saw a business using Comic Sans on a professional piece of correspondence, what would you think? While this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate something a bit more flashy than your standard font, it does mean you should carefully consider the message you’re trying to portray with your infographic. Our infographic design services can help you strike that careful balance between tone and professionalism that so many other designers seem to miss.

Once you see your infographic as a work in progress, it’s possible that certain aspects no longer fit with your ultimate vision. One design element might make the whole infographic look far too busy. A certain block of text may need to be moved. Sometimes, you’ll need to rethink your approach and your ultimate goal for a piece of rich media. Our infographic design service offers an optional round of content revisions so we can revise and edit alongside you. This way, we can execute your vision more effectively, leading to a stronger final graphic.

The best infographic designers paired with the best PR team.

Our Infographic Process

For those brand that require outreach services, LinkGraph’s digital publicity team can put together a strategy to get your infographic placed on authoritative publications. Our PR experts will identify publication opportunities for your infographic and help earn your brand placements, brand mentions, and backlinks. Talk to your account manager to learn more about our digital PR services.

A meeting with our infographic design team
to determine the best infographic design for your brand's goals. Our content marketing and infographic experts will help ideate the design and text elements that create an effective, informative, and visually stunning infographic. We can review some of the key concepts for your infographic, brainstorm to develop a convincing, effective narrative, and start considering which design concepts will truly make your graphic stand out from the crowd.
Initial sketch, wireframe, and content paragraphs
that will become the infographic template for your design. You can review the initial sketch and offer suggestions prior to artwork, graphic design, and content production. This way, you have a solid grasp on what your infographic might look like. It helps keep our design team in alignment with your overall needs.
A presentation of the final infographic
with an optional single round of content revisions. We will work to help refine the content to meet your expectations so it can be utilized effectively by your in-house marketing team or LinkGraph’s digital PR managers. Once the content has been refined, it’s time to see what it can do for both your brand awareness campaigns and SEO efforts. Don’t forget to share it around.
Why You Should Turn to LinkGraph for Your Infographics Needs
At LinkGraph, we make it easy for your brand to take center stage. From our team made up of the best infographics designers to our suite of helpful SEO tools, executing your brand vision is a snap.


Infographic Basics
Infographic Design Services
Other Digital Marketing Services
What are infographics?

Infographics are pieces of visual content that display data points, flowcharts, timelines, and other pieces of complex information through engaging imagery and interactive design. Infographics are high-value digital assets that catch the reader’s eye and attention. They are a great way for large and small businesses to build brand awareness, earn backlinks on authoritative publications, and drive site traffic and conversions.

While infographics may seem outdated to some digital marketers, it’s no secret that they’re some of the highest-performing content pieces on the internet. In general, rich media benefits the entirety of your website and online marketing efforts. If you’re ready to rethink your digital presence, an infographic could be the perfect place to start.

How do infographics help my marketing strategy?

The below statistics show that infographics are powerful content marketing tools. Over the past two years, digital marketers have incorporated infographics into their overall content strategy because of their performance and ability to produce tangible results.

  • Infographics boost average website traffic by 12% which is beneficial to your entire digital strategy. Web traffic can easily add up to a larger number of inbound leads for your brands.
  • Long-form articles with infographics received 72% more views than articles without any feature visual content. Rich media is more interactive for readers and entices them to stay on your site. 
  • Infographics are 30% more likely to be read in their entirety in comparison to blog posts, ebooks, or traditional articles. Maintaining consistent user engagement is key. Without it, you’re less likely to turn your reader into leads and even less likelier than that to turn those leads into conversions.
  • Almost half of digital marketers claim that their infographics engage and perform better than other types of content. Half also claimed that original graphics were the biggest help in meeting their overall marketing goals. If you’re looking to make a bigger splash with your digital content, infographics can help. Whether you’re a startup looking to get your foot in the door or a larger brand that wants to maintain their market share, using smartly crafted rich media like an infographic can help you hit your overall goals.
  • Almost half of digital marketers also claim that the biggest challenge of creating content like infographics is doing so consistently. If your brand similarly struggles with content creation, talk to one of our account managers to learn more about outsource your overall content strategy services to the LinkGraph team. When it comes to your digital success, consistency is key. If you’re not consistent, it could have a negative impact on your brand’s messaging and visibility. Our team can help.
How do infographics help SEO?

Link building is a content marketing strategy, and earning high-quality backlinks is one of the core principles of improving your search visibility and performance. The best infographics are a way to secure high-quality backlinks because publications love having original, engaging content to provide for their users.

With years of experience in manual outreach and link building strategy, LinkGraph can help use your infographic assets to grow your backlink profile and improve your SEO performance. Not only does LinkGraph perform manual outreach, the best infographics will organically accumulate backlinks. Other people will want to include compelling, informative infographics in their own blog posts or articles if the information is presented in a unique, compelling way.

We understand some of the key factors that can impact a top-performing infographic that can truly best the competition. From key optimization tactics that make it easier for your content to rank all the way to placement options on sites that can earn you helpful inbound links for your backlink portfolio, we’ve done a bit of everything. With our skills and your vision combined, we can help your SEO performance improve through our infographic design services.

How much of the infographic design do I get to determine?

Our infographic design team has extensive design skills and will use their expertise to outline an initial information architecture sketch and beautiful art for your infographic. For smaller infographics, you can choose a preferred layout from our existing templates. For medium and large infographics, your brand will be given more options in font, content, background, illustrations, and color palette.

This helps ensure that you’re given enough creative control but our designers are able to craft the ideal infographic. Since we work with some of the best infographic designers, we want to make sure they’re able to take your vision and execute it to the best of their abilities. Our collaborative process is more effective and consistent than many of the other online brands on the market.

What information will my infographic include?

Prior to your infographic design, our content writers, illustrators, and graphic designers will work with you to identify the most effective way to create your data visualization. All infographics will include your logo and brand name prominently placed on the infographic, but designs and illustrations will vary depending on your infographic size. We will sketch out a wireframe for your infographic prior to composition so you have a clear idea of what the end result will look like. Your infographic design will include up to one round of revisions. This is to ensure that the final product is closely aligned with your brand’s vision.

What size infographics do you create?

We offer small, medium, and large infographics. Our small infographics are created from infographic templates, while our medium and large options feature custom illustrations, icons, and graphic design. Design elements and design details of infographics will vary depending on your industry niche and target audience, but our infographic designers will work closely with your brand to determine the right design for your content marketing strategy. LinkGraph is known for a design process that works with a variety of budgets and content needs. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect infographic to fit your publication or SEO specifications.

Will you pitch my infographic to authoritative publications?

The cost of our infographic design services do not include pitching and placement, but we can offer digital PR services as an additional service. Our digital marketers bring years of experience in PR and publicity, and will help create killer visual strategies that get your infographic featured on authoritative publications. In addition to being an infographic design company, we are a full-service SEO and digital marketing agency and can help your brand grow in all areas of your digital presence.

Beyond our infographic and SEO capabilities, we also have a background in web design and on-page optimization that can take your digital marketing efforts to new levels.

What other content marketing services do you offer?

From content strategy, link building, to digital PR, we do a great job in all areas of improving site authority and online visibility. This includes blog posts, web design, case studies, to on-page optimization, and more. With our wide set of skills and offerings, it’s easy to find a plan that will fit your brand’s specific needs. If you want to get content featured on quality sites, we can help. If your existing website needs a bit of an overhaul, we’ve got you there, too. 

All of our clients also have access to our dashboard of SEO tools.

Our SEO tools include a domain authority checker, a content optimization tool, a backlink analyzer, and more. These tools can help you revamp your SEO performance and craft a more consistent, visual campaign. With LinkGraph’s SEO tools in your back pocket, you’re sure to make an impression on your target audience.

Do you work with freelancers or are all of your infographic design services in-house?

We pride ourselves on creating the best designs for our clients, and therefore have an in-house team with graphic design, logo design, and web design experience. Our design team has years of experience in visual communication and have worked across genres and industries to produce amazing assets that meet our clients instructions and surpass their expectations. Talk to one of our account managers to get more clarity on how we can best help your brand grow.

Where can I get more information about SEO?

Take a glance at our learning hub for great examples of resources like ebooks, blog pots, and webinars. We feature resources on SEO, paid media, link building, and more. With our wide array of knowledge, it’s easy to find the information you need to help your brand. We update our blog regularly to help you have the resources you need to develop and implement your digital marketing strategy. 

We’ve tried to make our SEO tools and resources as easy-to-understand as possible. This will help you make informed decisions when it comes to your brand strategy. If you have any questions about our resources or services, you can also reach out to one of our specialists to set up a consultation.

You can also use our chatbot to get a quick response from our account managers about how our services can help improve your online visibility. Follow our tweets, Instagram, or Facebook posts to get new content and resource updates.

Why Companies Should Care About Infographics

While finding an infographic design service might seem like it’s the last thing on your mind, there are so many ways that top-end infographics can aid your business. Whether you’re looking for a well-deserved boost in brand recognition or you simply want help creating an endlessly shareable piece of rich media, an infographic can help.

Infographics can help your readers and audience members retain key insights, absorb more information, and associate your brand with a visually engaging design. When you craft a piece of truly addictive infographic content, you’ll be surprised at the effect it can have on your audience.

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