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How to Increase Online Sales During the Holidays with SEO

Wondering how to increase your online sales during the holidays? You’re not alone. More people opt for online shopping this time of year, especially in light of […]

By Manick Bhan on Dec 02, 2021 - 7 minute read

Wondering how to increase your online sales during the holidays? You’re not alone. More people opt for online shopping this time of year, especially in light of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, November isn’t the only month with massive potential to draw people into your online store.

If you want your business to be a top contender as a top source for holiday gifts this December, your online store must climb Google’s search engine results through curated content, relevant landing pages, and exciting social media campaigns. With more traffic, you can anticipate increased conversions.

This may sound easier said than done, but with a few simple tips, you can capture more holiday sales and increase conversion rates using search engine optimization techniques. Which work best for the holiday season?

Here are our favorite ways to increase sales through SEO when you can hear sleigh bells ring and your customers are thinking about the holiday season:

Increase holiday sales infographic with a holiday theme, 5 tips listed (repeat in the article) and holiday graphics

1. Answer the most searched questions related to your products

screenshot of questions related to soccer balls

Want to provide customers with valuable content? Provide them with in-depth, accurate, and authoritative information related to their most common questions and search queries! Not only will including these questions in your content help to boost your ranking, but this is a great way to increase your engagement rates. Your customers are inherently invested in learning the answers to what they want to know as proven by query counts. This lengthens their ability to focus on your content.

Plus, answering your customer’s questions promotes confidence in their purchases. And creating high-quality content surrounding keywords and search term clusters ensures Google’s algorithms can find and promote your website to potential customers.

When your content points to your ability to predict your target audience’s needs, you create the opportunity to improve brand reputation. Add a discount for your new customer and a way for them to subscribe for future email marketing and campaigns and you’ve tripled your marketing efforts through relevant keywords alone. And customer loyalty through repeat customers is built on a foundation of trust and exclusivity after all. 

Where can you find questions your customers are asking?

Related Questions screenshot in SearchAtlas on the topic of marathons

The SearchAtlas keyword research tool makes discovering questions and queries surrounding your primary keywords easy! With keyword clusters and related questions tabs, it’s easy to pinpoint what your target audience wants to learn.

2. Choose Blog Topics That Draw Customers Into Your Website

A healthy blog can be the best way to promote holiday season online sales and prevent you from being left with excess stock for post-holiday shopping season clearance. By researching keywords and using SEO best practices, Google and other search engines have a higher likelihood of connecting your website with people shopping during the holiday season.

How can you find topics your customers care about?

Screenshot of the blog ideas tool in searchatlas with a query for soccer for kids

Using keyword research and targeting higher search volume numbers can take your website from page 5 of Google SERPs to page 1. In doing so, you can anticipate a tidal wave of potential customer impressions and a healthy click-through rate for higher online sales and greater market share.

Unsure where to start when it comes to your content topic? Use the SearchAtlas’s Content Ideas tool.

3. Offer Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Customer’s Shopping List

A image of red flowers and ribbon with a off-white background and the text 15 Christmas presents for mom

Gift guides provide customers with insight and gift inspiration. They’re also a fantastic way to expose people to a greater range of your product offerings and draw attention to your online sales.

Keep in mind when creating your gift guides, that more and more online shoppers prefer to purchase multiple items from one seller. Give your buyers an incentive to increase the number of products in the shopping carts by mentioning which items pair well together. Highlight minimum purchase requirements, too, for those people hoping to receive free shipping or shipping discounts and bundle deals. This tactic is a great way to increase your average per purchase and boost overall online sales.

4. Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Promote Your Online Store Through Social Media

Social media logos on a black back ground from top left to bottom right: facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin

Through fun and festive social posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram you can express your excitement for the season and funnel customers to your website. Where can you find inspiration? Everyone loves a Black Friday deal and getting sneak peeks of sales and new products through their social media accounts. Shoppers also flock to giveaways.

People also prefer business social media pages and businesses that feel authentic. They also want to support a company that actively posts and engages with customers. So, post regularly and revisit your branding guide. And keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to add personality to your posts, but staying true to your buyer persona and target audience can make creating content easier.

You can also get inspiration for posts by exploring keywords and your competitor’s websites and social pages. And don’t forget to highlight your sales and that consumers want to feel like they’re buying from a company they can trust.

5. Add a bit of holiday joy to your customers’ digital shopping experience.

A gray background with present and a christmas tree and hanging ornament graphics

Why do customers choose to shop online? They want to avoid crowded aisles, long checkout lines, and pushy salespeople. But just because your customers are shopping from the comfort of their computers or mobile devices, doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up their holiday shopping experience.

Adding holiday-themed graphics and sales to your web design will set you apart from your competitors. This tactic is also a great way to get people’s attention for a memorable and fun campaign this holiday shopping season.

Additionally, potential consumers are more likely to become a part of conversion success stories if the user experience is well-designed. Most people jump ship during the checkout process. So, focus on your checkout page before adding Christmas flair to your homepage.

What can you do to deck your digital halls?

Creating a streamlined and enjoyable user experience is all about reflecting what people want and need through your website’s layout, menus, and graphics. What do customers want when shopping for holiday sales? Here are a few examples:

  • Highlighted holiday sales and best sellers
  • High-resolution images of your products
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and products featured on your homepage
  • Holiday graphics on your product pages to boost your business’s branding
  • Customer service and a return policy in an easy-to-find location

Have a Happy Holiday Selling Season!

Christmas graphic border with the owrds happy holiday from LinkGraph in pink int he center

The LinkGraph family wishes you and your team records sales and endless happy customers. Keep in mind that holiday sales extend far beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Search engine optimization helps your website wind up on more customers’ gift lists and provides your business a boost that will last all year long.

Are you looking to beat last year’s sales or need assistance with your SEO? Give yourself the gift of expert assistance by contacting LinkGraph now for a free consultation on how SEO can boost your conversion rate to make last year’s number feel like a thing of the past.


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