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How to Choose the Best White Label SEO Software

When comparing white label SEO software options, you want to be sure your investment is worthy of your clients and your reputation. Here’s how to choose the best white label SEO tools.

By Manick Bhan on Jan 09, 2022 - 14 minute read

GSC insight dash board with White label SEO software pointing to your brand

When comparing white label SEO software options, you want to be sure your investment is worthy of your clients and your reputation. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done since so many SEO software options emphasize their own brand rather than offering white label options for agencies and SEO freelancers. Additionally, most white label SEO tools provide a wide array of analytics, SEO reports, and keyword ranking metrics, but not all have the features your clients are looking for. Nor is every white label SEO software right for every digital marketing agency or SEO freelancer.

To make choosing the best SEO tool for your clients’ needs, we’ve outlined which features agencies, SEO consultants, and freelancers can get the most use out of for their white label SEO services.

What is White Label SEO Software?

White label SEO tools are digital tools that have been rebranded to appear as a product designed specifically for another brand. White label link building and content creation have been industry standards for years, and rebranding SEO software is now a common practice, as well.

Why Are Marketing Professionals Investing in White Label SEO Software?

White label SEO is one of the easiest ways to expand your business while minimizing risk. Even digital marketing agencies that didn’t offer SEO services in the past now need access to white label SEO services. Why? More and more clients are aware of search engine optimization. Additionally, SEO offers your clients excellent ROI.

As more clients learn about SEO, more want access to their data. However, creating proprietary software takes time, money, and expertise. By offering clients access to a white label SEO software rebranding for your agency, you can maximize your revenue and land more potential clients.

Set Your Goals Before Signing Up Software That Will Represent Your Brand

notebook with business goals written on it with a coffee mug, pen, and plant nearby

The SEO tool you offer your clients and team must represent your business. Therefore, it needs to align with your business’s goals, objectives, and brand standards in addition to pleasing your clientele. However, without clearly defined goals it can be impossible to determine if an SEO tool is right for your company and clients now and into the future. 

So, before you set out on a free trial spree of SEO tools, take a moment to assess your business’s near-future goals, one-year goals, and five-year goals. Additionally, you will need to consider the journey your clients will go through using the software and what you feel is the right price point for them.

Finally, you will use this software in-house as well. So, consider what SEO services you offer now and which you may want to offer in the future as you expand.

Features to Look for in a White Label SEO Tool

After you’ve clearly laid out a roadmap of your digital marketing agency or SEO business, use the following as a checklist of features you want in a tool. While you have the option to ignore features you may not need, keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to have access to features for SEO services your clients may request in the future. 

1.  SEO Audit Reports

GCS dashboard with seo audit reports

SEO audits are one of the most impactful diagnostic tools you can use. Not only can SEO audits help you land new clients, but they also give you the opportunity to sell additional services and increase the chances of contract renewals. Intermittent audits also allow you to keep track of your clients’ SEO progress.

2. Up-to-Date Keyword Rankings & Tracking Data

keyword tracking graphs from gsc insights dashbaord

When it comes to the best SEO, data collection methods matter. Google Search Console data has been the industry norm. However, not every SEO tool uses Google Search Console data. As you explore white label SEO tools, be sure that the software you choose provides daily updates on keyword and ranking data.

GSC Insights within the SearchAtlas suite is built over Google’s API, so you and your clients receive the most valuable, accurate, and up-to-date data available.

3.  Client Access to the Dashboard

how to add clients to searchatlas seo dashboard

Some clients want to remain hands-off. Others prefer to be more engaged in the SEO process. To satisfy those that want to keep an eye on their SEO data or use the software for their in-house team, it’s important to invest in a tool that provides access to the dashboard. 

Having this option not only provides your clients with insight into their site’s SERP progress but also allows for full transparency. Additionally, dashboard access allows you to resell access to the software for even greater ROI.

4. White Label SEO Reports

branded seo report example

In addition to audit reports, you want to be able to provide your clients with clear, attractive, and insightful white label SEO reports branded for your company. Being able to brand these reports under your agency name with your logo is important for branding continuity.

Explore the types of reports offered by the tools you’re demoing. You will also want to confirm the exportable file types each tool creates. Some tools have a library of templates you can add your logo to as well as customers’ data. These tools often charge a premium, but they can save you a great deal of time.

You can also find a wide array of report templates in Google Data Studio to use to customize the reports from the tool you choose.

Some white label SEO tools export unbranded data that you add your logo to before converting the report to a PDF. If your software allows you to export to PNG, you can paste the report into Google Docs, then save it as a PDF. 

5. Competitor Research

competitor research example for black abbey

Competitor research is not just vital to SEO success, but it’s also some of the most compelling data that SEO software users will look for. This feature is a must for successfully reselling SEO software to your potential clients.

Direct competitor analysis allows users to strategize more competitively. This feature also allows you to present your strategy and reports to your clients with contextual information. Direct competitor access allows 

A) your clients to more clearly see the effectiveness of their SEO efforts 

B) your agency to upsell them on additional SEO services

Be sure your white label SEO tool allows your clients to research their competitors

Competitor research for keyword mushroom kits

  • Domain ratings 
  • Content scores 
  • Competitor ranking keywords 
  • Organic traffic numbers 
  • Referring domains
  • and more.

6. Link Outreach Opportunities & Backlink Data

High-quality backlinks are a must for effective SEO campaigns. The reality is it’s difficult to climb the SERPs without a robust domain rating. However, they’re also one of the most difficult aspects of SEO to organically achieve. This is where link outreach can help you build your client’s backlink profile with high-quality, contextually relevant backlinks for their industry.

backlicking analysis with labels

SearchAtlas makes tracking backlink profiles, anchor text, topical relevance, and domain ratings easy for software and agency clients.

7. SEO Campaigns Tracking for Multiple Projects

screenshot for multiple campaign tracking showing 2 seo projects

As an agency, you juggle multiple client accounts and portfolios. Your software users will likely want to do the same. This means that your white label SEO platform needs to make switching between SEO campaigns easy. Furthermore, within your software, you need the tools to track those campaign efforts.

This is often where white label SEO programs show their weaknesses. Keep this in the forefront of your mind when comparing SEO packages.

how to track seo campaigns in searchatlas

With SearchAtlas, users can easily switch from one client account or SEO project to another. Then, users can add site events within the GSC Insights tools in order to denote a change made to a specific URL or a site-wide SEO implementation.

8. Local SEO tools

example of local seo tool in search atlas with dog training searched in a zipcode

As an agency and SEO reseller, you need to provide global and local SEO. If your SEO tool doesn’t allow users to pull local keyword data–down to the zip code level, you may be missing out on opportunities for software clients. 

It may seem like a given that a white label SEO platform has local SEO features, but this is not necessarily the case. Some tools only provide country-specific keyword data. Other tools only allow access to local SEO reports with an added cost. SearchAtlas allows users to search at the city-level and zipcode-level.

9. PPC Capabilities

Future PPC capabilities in searchatlas

PPC campaigns pair perfectly with organic search efforts. If your agency offers both, you will want to be sure your tool reflects that. If your agency does not offer PPC services, a PPC economic value of traffic report is a wonderful reminder to clients that organic traffic SEO has an amazing ROI. 

10. Content Optimization & Keyword Research

content optimization with keyword reserach and keyword tracking all labeled in searchatlas

Whether you’re marketing your software to SEO content writers or an agency with a team of writers, your software needs to be able to optimize client content. You can attract more users if they can perform SEO research on your white label SEO platform without having to hop on another tool for your content optimization.

By selecting an all-in-one SEO platform, you can perform keyword research and keyword rankings while optimizing content. Not only is this more convenient for content creators, but it also allows supervisors to monitor campaign progress and smoothes collaboration.

Other Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Tool as an SEO Reseller

By the nature of the niche, digital marketing is a highly competitive industry. As an SEO provider and reseller, you want your white label SEO platform to meet client deliverables in addition to providing accurate analytics. So, in addition to metrics, tool features, reports, and other SEO bells and whistles, you want to choose a software company that will support your in-house SEO team. Additionally, you want to be sure that the SEO tool you resell can handle your business’s growth with organizational, planning, and scaling features.

Here are some aspects of good white label SEO tools that go beyond a white label dashboard:

1. SEO Workflow Capabilities

tasks workflow

You likely know that as a digital marketing service provider, your time is one of the most valuable resources you have. A seamless workflow allows your clients to maximize their time for the greatest efficiency. As you test tools, take note of whether or not the dashboard gives you access to everything you need for a full-scale SEO campaign from pitching to creating content briefs like shown below.


2. Scalability

As you increase your SEO offerings, you want your white label SEO platform to support all aspects of your growth without layering on additional costs. Choosing full-scale SEO software will support your business as you take on users with highly advanced SEO offerings and enterprise-level companies.

3. SEO Reseller Branding Capabilities

You want your brand to grow. More importantly, you want people to recognize you as a leader in digital marketing strategy that offers the best SEO tools. The best white label SEO tools and vendors allow you to grow your brand with custom-developed software. This requires specific white label features, such as:

  • A branded dashboard
  • Branded reports
  • Your company’s branded language
  • Unique in-tool features

Additionally, you may want a tool to create branded case studies to showcase your repertoire of SEO optimizations and SEO successes. 

Successful private label SEO fulfills your clients’ needs with white label tools that promote your company. To ensure your tool has the white label feature you need, read reviews of the software and work through all aspects of a client campaign during your free trial period.

4. Optimal ROI

pricing plans for searchatlas white label seo tool

At the end of the day, your goal as an SEO reseller is to make money and grow your agency or freelancing business. This requires maximizing your budget by getting the most value out of your tools. This makes it vital to compare your options from the higher price point SEO tools, such as Moz, to the lowest price point options, including free audit tools.

As you wade through pricing plans and structures, pay attention to what you get for your money and if the plan you choose gives you room to scale up.

5.  Seamless Usability

usability circled on a tablet
As you test differing white label SEO agency tools, keep in mind that the ease of use of the dashboard matters. A seamless, intuitive UI will cut down on users’ learning curves and allow your users to be more productive in a shorter amount of time without as much technical support from your team. Furthermore, the easier a software is to use, the happier your customers will be.

Through trials, note each tool’s load time, user interface layout, and help features. 

6. Additional Offerings

searchatlas helpdesk

White label SEO programs can be complex. As you hunt for the best software for your business, note any additional features or qualities that will benefit you as an SEO reseller. These can include:

  • The option to switch to SEO white label agency services
  • A full SEO package of tools
  • Actionable tips for better SEO performance or tool utilization
  • Domain authority metrics
  • Schema creation and verification
  • Google My Business integration
  • Customer service and software support

White Label SEO Tools: Not All SEO Platforms Will Work

Ultimately, you want to invest in an SEO software product that will support your clients now and into the future. Otherwise, you will find yourself hunting for another SEO tool in a mere 6 months.

LinkGraph has been a leader among white label SEO agencies, and SearchAtlas by LinkGraph is one of the best new SEO tools for white label SEO. Using SearchAtlas allows you to sell your services at a premium while providing your clients with the greatest SEO benefits. Increase your clients’ online visibility, boost your agency’s reputation, and make the most of your manpower with the most effective SEO suite for your white label SEO needs.

Learn why LinkGraph is considered a top choice among white label providers for search engine optimization.


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