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How to Get Permanent Backlinks to your Website

If you’re looking for ways to get more backlinks to your website, its likely that you already understand the value of backlinks to your search engine visibility. […]

By The LinkGraph Team on Aug 22, 2022 - 7 minute read

If you’re looking for ways to get more backlinks to your website, its likely that you already understand the value of backlinks to your search engine visibility. Permanent backlinks bring permanent value, sending Page Rank to your web pages and helping increase your website’s overall ranking potential.

But just because you have a backlink now doesn’t mean you will have it in six months. So how do you make sure the backlinks that you do get are going to last for the long term?

Here is a guide to the type of backlinks that are most likely to last.

Are any Backlinks Permanent?

Although the backlinks pointing to your website may feel permanent right now, they will only remain so if the website linking to yours does not remove the link or delete the page linking to your website.

Technically, there is no such thing as a permanent backlink. However, there are some backlinks that are more likely to stay up for a long time.

So when we talk about permanent backlinks, we are referring to those links that are most likely to drive link equity to your website for years to come.

The internet is constantly changing, and so will your backlink profile. That’s okay, but in your link building campaigns, you should aim to earn the type of backlinks that will bring the most long-term value.

Why do I Need Backlinks that Stay up for a Long Time?

If you’re a webmaster who chooses to buy backlinks from a low-quality provider or freelancer on fiverr, one potential consequence is that the link may not last for very long.

Link farms or low-quality SEO companies may sell you backlinks that only last long enough to see some initial change in your SEO performance, for maybe 3-6 months. Then, those backlinks can disappear, removing any impact on your site authority or search engine performance.

What Types of Backlinks should I Avoid?

If you are in the market to buy permanent backlinks, there are some offerings that you should avoid. You only want to pursue backlinks that come through white hat link building strategies, and the below options would not qualify.

PBN Links

The term PBN stands for Private Blog Network. PBN backlinks are those that come from a network of connected blogs and websites, usually owned by the same person. These webmasters will often sell backlinks because they can easily place them on existing blog posts in their network.

Adding a backlink to an existing blog post though is not considered a white hat link building strategy. Also, PBN backlinks are easily flagged by Google because they come from websites with little organic traffic or no real relevance to the linked-to website.

In general, buying PBN backlinks is not an effective way to improve your search engine rankings. These types of backlinks would be considered black hat SEO.

Unnatural Links

Any unnatural link is less likely to last for the long term because its main purpose is to manipulate search engine rankings.

What qualifies as unnatural backlinks? PBN backlinks for one, but also niche edits, links with irrelevant or explicit anchor text, or edu links that are a purchased through a link farm.

If your goal is permanent links, any type of unnatural link is not something your brand or website should pay for.

What Makes a Backlink More Likely to Last for the Long-term?

Although there is no guarantee of a permanent backlink, there are certain qualities that make it more likely for you to keep backlinks in your link profile for the long term.

High-Quality, Reputable Linking Site

A backlink from a popular website with strong reputation and higher Domain Authority score is likely to last for a longer period of time.

Why? Because reputable sites have active webmasters who keep their pages and links up-to-date. They also have lots of web traffic, showing that users are finding their content valuable.

High-quality website are more likely to repair broken links, keep their content up-to-date, and refresh rather than delete their landing pages in order to maintain their existing PageRank.

You can use the backlink researcher in SearchAtlas to discover high-quality websites for link building. Make sure any backlinks you do earn from those sites come through white hat link building strategies.

Screenshot of backlink researcher tool in SearchAtlas

Up-to-date, Relevant Content

If you earn a backlink to one of your web pages, it’s likely that the linking domain found your content valuable and relevant.

But overtime, your landing page may lose its relevance. Information may become out of date, wrong, irrelevant, and may not still be valuable unless you take the time to regularly update it.

If you don’t take time to refresh or prune your content, other webmasters that are linking to your content may choose to remove their links because they no longer see your content as valuable to their audience.

Updating your content has benefits to all areas of your content marketing, but in particular your link profile. You can use an SEO tool like the SearchAtlas Content Assistant to ensure that your pages include the most relevant, up-to-date information.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the better ways to get long-term links because guest posts provide relevant, valuable information to audiences and tend to rank well in the SERPs.

A guest post is an original piece of content that is published on another webmaster’s website. These posts will bring value to the webmaster’s target audience, have industry relevance to your website, and will include a dofollow backlink to your site.

Links in guest blogs are more likely to last for the long term because they bring value to all parties involved: the webmaster, website visitors, the linked-to site, and to Google crawlers, who only want to promote high quality content to searchers.

301 Redirects

As you add or delete pages or change urls, you can easily lose your Page Rank if you do not use a 301 redirect.

Although Google doesn’t want to see excessive redirect chains on your website, a 301 redirect is the best way to maintain the value of any dofollow backlinks you’ve earned to your landing pages.

If you add a new url to a page or move it, your backlinks loose their permanence unless you properly setup a redirect. If you’re unsure of how to handle these situations, an SEO expert can help you manage your website in a way that maintains as much link equity as possible.

The Best Source of Permanent Backlinks?

There are all sorts of link building techniques out there, but link building trough original content is by far the most effective way to earn permanent backlinks that last.

At LinkGraph, our link building services follow white hat techniques and help improve your search rankings the right way, through original content published on high-quality websites.


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