How we cut costs per lead boosted ad engagement using PPC and SEO

Health Quote Gurus is an insurance company dedicated to finding affordable individual and family health insurance plans. From ACA plans to group health benefits, they offer plans that are more affordable than while helping Americans navigate the insurance buying process. Their full portfolio of health insurance allows customers to tailor coverage to their specific needs and to apply during any time of the year, even outside of open enrollment. With over 50 collective years of health coverage experience, Health Quote Gurus offers some of the most innovative insurance coverage available.
"I'm seeing results on this project after only a few months with LinkGraph. We’ve tried other agencies for years, and they haven’t been able to achieve what LinkGraph has for us."
- Shawn, CEO of Health Quote Gurus

The Problem

Before teaming up with LinkGraph, Health Quote Gurus was spending over $40K+ each month buying leads from 3rd party vendors like SonicLeads. Their parent company had been spending even more – several million dollars per month purchasing leads – and realized it was time to improve both the quality and acquisition cost on the leads they were buying. Buying leads second-hand from vendors comes with several serious issues: leads can be resold to multiple counterparties, go stale over time, and can resist cold calls because they lack any previous awareness of the brand reaching out to them.

Ultimately, lead vendors like SonicLeads run high-scale digital marketing campaigns to acquire leads through SEO, PPC, and Social Media ads. Health Quote Gurus was determined to go directly to the source to reduce their cost per lead (CPL), increase lead generation, and improve lead quality. They realized they needed to build their own digital brand and create an online presence they could then use to run their own digital marketing campaigns.

In their efforts to achieve these goals, Health Quote Gurus had worked with other digital agencies that professed they could deliver. But over a year later, Health Quote Gurus had fumbled through two digital agencies and weren’t much further from where they had started–a website with lots of technical issues and 0 leads generated. It was at this point that they found LinkGraph.

The LinkGraph Solution

Paid Media & Content Strategy

LinkGraph understood Health Quote Gurus strategy and had a playbook for building digital brands and growing them through SEO and paid media. LinkGraph researched the competitors that were running highly-scaled social media campaigns and reverse-engineered their approach by running ads on the same platforms. LinkGraph rapidly prototyped ad creatives, audience targeting, and ad copy to figure out what message resonated the best on social media. In the process, we tested dozens of creatives, audience targeting, and messaging to dial-in a high-performing ad campaign that increased leads and built up Health Quote Gurus’ digital presence.

Site Migration

LinkGraph quickly migrated Health Quote Gurus’ site from an unstable server shared with hundreds of other sites to an enterprise-grade hosting solution with separate staging and production environments as well as daily backups. This migration allowed Health Quote Gurus to customize, scale, and maintain stable infrastructure so the team could focus on increasing lead-generation from both PPC and organic search.

Technical SEO

Upon reviewing the site’s code, the LinkGraph team identified multiple technical issues that needed to be addressed in order to transform the site into a high-converting machine. Health Quote Gurus’ landing pages weren’t properly optimized for SEO with thin, low-quality content, and their HTML code lacked key SEO tags. By optimizing these on-site tags and landing page content, LinkGraph helped Health Quote Gurus improve their keyword rankings, which helped the site begin lead generation from organic search.

Conversion Rate Optimization

LinkGraph created new conversion-optimized landing pages specifically for the paid media campaigns. By updating the mobile version of the site to include new call-to-action buttons, LinkGraph improved the flow of site visitors to the lead generation form. LinkGraph also performed a custom integration to send leads directly into Health Quote Gurus’ VanillaSoft CRM, which resulted in better tracking and analytics, particularly for higher value leads.

"The Facebook ads are bringing in leads cheaper than any other sources I can buy them from."
- Shawn, CEO of Health Quote Gurus

The Results

Within a month of extensive A/B testing, LinkGraph’s digital marketing team dialed-in a high-performance ad campaign that was able to deliver leads at 50% of Health Quote Gurus’ previous CPL and higher volumes. Most importantly, these leads were exclusively for Health Care Gurus and weren’t being shared with other healthcare insurance providers.

Not only were the paid media campaigns a smashing success, but the SEO campaign began generating organically earned leads as the SEO optimizations started to get the site ranking for hundreds of keywords. LinkGraph’s synergistic approach to PPC and SEO increased ad engagement and brand awareness through a unique, data-driven strategy. As a ripple effect of LinkGraph’s PPC efforts, Health Quote Gurus also experienced positive results across multiple organic search KPIs.

Within 3 months of working with LinkGraph, Health Quote Gurus accomplished milestones they had struggled to reach for over a year. By reducing CPLs and improving leads from organic search, LinkGraph helped Health Quote Gurus reduce operational costs as we eliminated their reliance on third-party vendors for lead acquisition.

Increased lead generation from organic search by
Reduced lead acquisition cost by 50%
Got the site ranking for
283 new keywords
Within 3 months,
accomplished goals the company had been struggling to reach for a year!
"I feel like we are heading in the direction to make the lead source I always hoped it could be."
- Shawn, CEO of Health Quote Gurus

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“We’ve seen a significant increase in our rankings. LinkGraph took a very targeted approach and dramatically improved our keyword rankings from page 20 or 40 to page 1 or 2.”
Ted Hunting
Senior VP of Marketing at BrightPattern
Our organic traffic has grown substantially. We do have internal channels like content creation, but with LinkGraph’s work and consulting, our traffic rose by over 500% and a lot of our important keywords rank in the top 3 spots.