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SaaS Marketing SEO strategy

SaaS companies have strategic goals. Our SaaS marketing agency will help your sales team earn more qualified leads and increase conversions in less time.

Why SaaS companies need SEO

The SaaS space is a competitive marketplace that does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. For newer software companies, lead generation, brand awareness, and customer acquisition are challenging across any marketing channel, but competing with direct competitors over niche keywords presents a unique challenge for SaaS brands. Any SaaS company bringing a new product to market needs an effective SaaS SEO strategy with strategic keyword targeting that drives organic traffic, generates leads, and lowers customer acquisition costs. For tech companies with a narrow, specific target audience, an SaaS SEO campaign is the most successful, cost-effective way to earn new leads and fuel SaaS growth.

Keyword Targets &
We help you identify the high-value keywords in your SaaS vertical so you can outrank and outperform your direct competitors.
SaaS Content
We handle each stage of the content development process. From ideation to promotion, our content strategists help your SaaS brand stand out.
Web Design
Our UI/UX designers will elevate the page experiences of your website to make it higher-converting and better performing.
SaaS Paid Media
In SaaS industries, paid media is very competitive. We design campaigns that bring qualified traffic to your website while staying on budget.


SaaS Keyword Strategy
Off-site SaaS SEO
Content Marketing
On-Page SaaS SEO
Technical SEO
SaaS Website Design
PPC for SaaS Companies
SaaS Lead Generation

The foundation of any SEO strategy is keyword selection. The best keywords will have a high search volume, lower keyword difficulty, and drive qualified traffic to a website. But for SaaS brands, industry-specific language gives keywords very high search intent, making them more competitive to rank for. This drives up the CPC of SaaS related keywords in paid media campaigns, eliminating this marketing channel for many newer SaaS startups on a smaller marketing budget.

Finding different types of keywords — both short and long-tail keywords — that present more opportunities to appear in many search engine results pages is the best way to compete in the SaaS industry. Strategies like keyword clusters can help improve site rank by producing great content and blog articles that have relevance to the content clusters and link back to the key pillar landing pages on your website. These content pieces can help you earn new keyword rankings while also developing your topical authority and depth in your SaaS niche

The SEO professionals at LinkGraph will perform extensive keyword research to identify the best keyword opportunities in your SaaS market. The target keywords and queries for your SaaS SEO campaign will not only be those your target audience is already using, but those that your SaaS website stands a strong chance of ranking for and converting from. With the right keyword strategy, you can earn new SaaS clients and reach your business goals more quickly and cost-effectively.

Even for organic SEO, niche keywords can be very difficult for newer startups to rank for, even with the right keyword targets and on-page optimization efforts. This means that any successful SEO strategy must also be aggressive in off-site tactics to build links from multiple referring domains. A healthy and expanding backlink profile shows Google that your SaaS brand has credibility and authority in your specific SaaS space.

The best way for your SaaS brand to experience exponential growth is through building links in reputable, industry-specific, high-level publications. LinkGraph specializes in earning SaaS companies industry-specific backlinks with contextual anchor text that provide Google with a clear understanding of what your on-page content is about.

At the end of the day, there is only one right way to do link building. LinkGraph’s copywriters create original content and our outreach team earns placements on reputable publications that are compliant with Google’s algorithm. In order to rank for the competitive keywords that populate the SaaS marketplace, link building is the most important SEO tactic. For many SaaS companies, link building is the difference maker that propels their website to appear in Google search for relevant keywords in the SaaS industry.

In addition to earning high-quality backlinks, a steady stream of new content presents endless opportunities to expand your customer base, target specific keywords, and earn loyal customers. Our content marketing team will develop topic ideas in your SaaS vertical and create high-quality content that potential customers at the bottom, middle, and top of the funnel will all find useful, informative, and valuable.

Our original, engaging, search-friendly content will help drive more traffic and establish your software company as an authority and expert in your industry vertical. The sale of SaaS products usually requires multiple touchpoints, and providing valuable content can give consistent opportunities to reconnect with and reach out to high-value leads. Content marketing is great for SaaS lead generation, and with every new type of content you create — ebooks, blog posts, tutorials, or webinars — you create new opportunities to rank in search results and earn new customers.

Every piece of content that LinkGraph creates is optimized for SEO performance with the help of our proprietary copy optimization software. As a LinkGraph client, your SaaS company will also have full access to our software and can use it to develop content in-house and improve your SaaS SeO strategy at all levels of your organization.

In order to rank on the first page of Google, your SaaS website needs to be optimized for the high-value keywords in your industry. On-page content includes all of the visible content on your website but also the title tags, meta descriptions, and other HTML elements that form the back-end of your website.

Product pages, homepages, blog posts, and any other landing page on your site should be optimized for the keywords you want to rank for. Every new page of content on your site gives your SaaS brand a new opportunity to optimize for a keyword with strong search intent, or to link back to the pillar pages in your content clusters.

The foundation of on-page SEO is creating high-quality content that is valuable to users and well as well-understood by Google crawlers. SaaS businesses who take the time to do on-page optimization can see immediate ranking improvements in just a few short weeks.

Our digital marketers are technical SEO experts. From HTML tags, internal links, page load times, site architecture, and rich snippets, we make sure every part of your software website is efficiently crawled and indexed by search engines. Track the impact of our technical optimizations in real-time with your easy-interface customer dashboard.

Our SaaS marketing agency can perform advanced on-page optimization techniques with internal links, markup, XML sitemaps, SEO A/B testing in Google Search Console, and more to ensure the best results with your SEO efforts in the long term. Depending on your business model and SaaS product, we find ways to maximize your SERP real estate to drive more clicks and organic traffic.

A technical SEO audit can help your brand understand why your website is failing to perform better in search engines or why your click-through rate is low. With a few technical optimizations, you may be able to immediately improve traffic from search engines and see your site move up in rankings and revenue in your SaaS market.

After your website visitors arrive from search engines, the work of optimization is still not finished. Conversion rate optimization is essential in order to transform that searcher intent into a buying decision. Searchers may not be ready to make a purchase the first time they visit your SaaS website, but carefully placed lead capture forms, free trial signups, CTAs, or free tools can generate an email address or phone number that opens up a conversation that eventually leads to a purchase decision down the road.

This type of strategic web design is crucial for B2B SaaS companies where the next step in the sales funnel is usually product demos, free trials, or some other type of product marketing. There are different ways to improve the conversion rate of your entire site, and LinkGraph’s design choices will depend on the specific needs of your SaaS customer, whether searchers find you primarily on desktop or mobile devices, and how much information is needed in the buying journey before making a purchase of your SaaS product.

Our web development, design, and UI/UX team will improve the conversion rate of your SaaS website. After studying the buyer’s journey and user pain points across your website, we make the necessary improvements to product pages, site structure, mobile experience, CTAs, and chatbots to improve the overall page experience and produce tangible results for your brand. Whether you want more demos, bookings, or sales consultations, our data-driven approach will turn increased traffic into increased revenue.

Due to the competitive nature of specific keywords that have high levels of search intent, CPCs in Google Ads can be very expensive for any SaaS company that wants to run a PPC campaign. This doesn’t mean that paid media is not an effective marketing campaign, it simply means SaaS companies need to be smart about their budget and campaign settings to make sure they get the most out of every click.

Ideally, paid media should be paired with a strong organic search strategy in order to improve search KPIs across your SaaS website. A skilled SaaS marketing agency like LinkGraph can provide a managed, tailored campaign that invests your budget wisely across multiple digital channels. After sharing with us about your SaaS business’ unique needs, our marketing agency will have a better idea of what the right direction is for your website to gain the most growth online visibility, and lead traction.

LinkGraph has years of experience studying keyword data, identifying target markets, and driving the most qualified traffic through PPC clicks. Our optimized campaigns can help improve your quality score, ad relevance, and ultimately your bottom line, because the most optimized, efficient campaigns will end up decreasing the overall cost you pay for click in the ad auction. For more insights on the best practices of Google Ads and PPC campaigns that LinkGraph employs, check out our ultimate guide to paid media ebook.

Through strategic keyword targeting, data-driven PPC campaigns, and conversion-optimized landing pages, we help drive qualified leads to your site. The right target keywords can lower your overall cost-per-lead and increase your digital marketing ROI with higher quality clicks and conversions.

For B2B SaaS companies in particular, closed-loop analytics and integrations with CRM platforms like Hubspot and Salesforce are essential to track leads that arrive through search engine optimization efforts. It’s an important thing to be able to quantify the ROI of your SEO and marketing efforts in the long run, and integrations will give you the clarity you need to know where each of your SaaS clients and inbound leads came from.

We help your in-house marketing team link Google Analytics and Google Search Console with your CRM platforms so you can have the metadata you need to track buyer journey from user search to final purchase. This type of analytics will help you better understand your marketing funnel and buyer’s journey, so you can continuously optimize and improve for every new client.

Ready to start your SaaS SEO strategy?
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SaaS SEO Campaigns

Fully Managed SaaS Campaigns

We will identify the different keywords that present the most growth opportunities for your SaaS site. With better results in the SERPs, more searchers with strong user intent will find your SaaS offering. By getting your website in front of more of the right people, you can nurture the relationships necessary to earn customer loyalty and build more brand awareness. With our fully managed SaaS SEO campaigns, we’ll develop a market strategy that propels growth across every digital channel.

The first step to growth is a strong link building campaign. Whether you need 5 links or 500, we will get you the links and referring domains that improve the most important ranking factor for your website — site authority. You can purchase plans on a monthly basis to keep your backlink profile continuously growing. Check out our link building packages. We have great options for SaaS companies of any size and at any stage of growth.

From your meta description and page titles to your blog content, our marketing team can improve the content on your site to maintain your brand voice and get your website in the top results. We start with an SEO audit to see what kind of content you have on site, ensure there is no thin or duplicate content or other pain points. Then we determine what relevant content, featured page or blogs would be the best fit for your on-site strategy. Regardless of your business type, our internal team can create content that is valuable, useful, and informative for your ideal customer.

If your SaaS company is ready to aggressively pursue growth across all channels, LinkGraph offers fully managed SaaS SEO campaigns for new and established software businesses. A managed campaign is a great way to strategically combine SEO, paid media, and content marketing strategy to generate tons of new leads from your target markets. For those brands who want to achieve growth quickly, a managed campaign is the best way to scale up your online visibility and revenue.

SaaS Search Terms

For software companies, the list of keywords that you will target will likely have strong levels of search intent. The buyer persona of a software client is normally not a casual shopper, but someone actively researching the available offerings on the market with plans to soon be a buyer. This can make those keywords competitive and more expensive in paid media campaigns, but an experienced SaaS marketing agency knows what it takes to earn rankings for those top spots.
Depending on the ins and outs of your industry, SaaS keywords will likely have smaller search volume. However, the good news is that those searchers entering those queries into the Google bar are more likely to convert, because of the technical information required to even know to enter the term in the first place. LinkGraph will learn the industry-specific phrases that your buyer persona is utilizing and target those keywords that are realistic for ranking but still display high levels of intent.
Any SaaS consultant will tell you that in a nutshell, the specificity and intent of SaaS keywords means that they are usually considered high-value. PPC clicks drive web traffic for the short term, but earning organic rankings for high-value keywords can bring conversions and revenue for a long time. For this reason, it's always the right time to invest in SEO for SaaS companies.

Links Created
Pieces of Content Written
Happy Clients

Benefits of SaaS SEO

New Customers
Brand Authority
Long-term Growth

With optimized on-site content, clear messaging, and engaging user experience, SaaS brands can transform their websites into conversion machines. There are many great ways to acquire new customers, but nothing like SEO can help you do so at such low cost-per-acquisition. For larger and smaller businesses, organic SEO and content strategy can help turn searchers into customers.

Improve your brand awareness at both the bottom and top of the funnel. Blog posts, email marketing, and social media channels can all be important factors in growing your brand, but Google results are the first thing potential buyers are most likely to come across. If content from your SaaS website keeps showing up for search terms related to your industry, potential buyers will associate your brand name with expertise and authority in your niche.

SEO engine Optimization is a great way for new startups entering the market to catapult growth and shoot past competitors, but it also allows for your software company to grow in the long term. Our LinkGraph SEO specialists have the skill set to keep traffic coming to your site and converting for years to come.

SaaS Marketing SEO strategy
To learn how your SaaS company can boost conversions and revenue, schedule a call to talk to one of our experts.


What is SaaS SEO?

Software as a Service companies have unique goals. Our SEO agency specializes in the marketing strategy that helps new and enterprise-level SaaS companies build their site authority, online visibility, and earn more qualified traffic. With our data-driven growth strategy, we have helped hundreds of SaaS businesses expand their market share and outperform their leading competitors in less time.

How is SEO strategy different for SaaS companies?

Most SaaS companies have a sales cycle that lasts far beyond the first click, capture form, or demo booking. At LinkGraph, we understand the complexity of advertising SaaS platforms, and we use competitor analysis to become experts in your industry, product, and ideal buyers. We target the highest-value keywords that will bring you site high-value traffic that is ready to convert.

What are common digital marketing challenges for SaaS websites?

Because the products and services of SaaS companies are industry-specific, many sites struggle to get the traffic, clicks, and leads from users who are ready to purchase their services right now. For this reason, it is even more essential for SaaS companies to have a data-driven, individualized keyword strategy as well as highly-targeted paid media campaigns to make the most of digital marketing budget and see positive  dsROI. Our digital marketing agency has worked with multiple SaaS companies to earn higher-quality clicks and traffic, getting your service or product in front of the right users.

What do your inbound marketing services include?

We provide keyword research, technical optimizations, content marketing, link building, reputation management, paid media services and more. We are a full scale SaaS marketing agency and can provide all of the digital marketing services your SaaS company needs to earn new buyers and reach your revenue goals.

How do your PPC campaigns differ for Saas brands?

Because the sales cycle is often much longer for B2B and SaaS businesses, understanding the true value of your paid media campaigns requires a more integrated analytics system between your Google Ads data and your sales team. Our paid media services not only include creating scalable, profitable paid media campaigns, but we ensure your CRM is fully integrated with your Google Ads data through a closed-loop analytics system, empowering your team to understand the value of every click. Our optimized PPC landing pages increase conversions and bookings, providing your sales team more opportunities to complete the sales funnel.

Can you help my site increase conversions?

Our web design and development team provides conversion-focused design to help SaaS brands turn qualified leads into conversions. We utilize A/B and multivariate testing to determine user behavior across your website and implement more strategic CTAs, fonts, colors, rich media, and information architecture that helps your potential customers have the best experience of your site. Our optimized PPC landing pages have direct relevance to search queries to make the most out of every click and improve conversions from your paid media campaigns.

Can you help my B2B or B2C company with keyword research?

Our proprietary keyword difficulty score has helped hundreds of B2B brands identify the most profitable ranking opportunities. Our SaaS marketing strategy focuses on helping your brand compete and outrank top competitors with careful keyword selection.

Do you work with other companies besides SaaS brands?

Absolutely. We are a full-scale digital marketing agency and have worked with hundreds of brands across industry spectrums from SaaS, insurance, law, medical, ecommerce, and more. You don’t need to have an SaaS platform to work with us. Whether you’re a small local business, ecommerce site, or enterprise-level organization, we have the experience and tailored strategy to help your site reach your unique growth and revenue goals. 

I'm new to SEO. Where should I start?

At LinkGraph, we love creating content to help sites expand their seo and digital marketing education. Check out our learning hub to find long-form articles, ebooks, and webinars for practical insights on how to improve your strategy.

Why choose LinkGraph for your SaaS Marketing Agency?

LinkGraph has worked with hundreds of SaaS companies to build their site authority and outrank their direct competitors. Our SaaS marketing agency operates at scale, and can implement the robust strategy needed to get your website ranking in just a few short months. Connect with one of our SaaS SEO specialists to learn more about how our strategic SaaS SEO solutions can help your software company crush your growth and revenue goals.


Why should you work with LinkGraph for your SaaS SEO

All of our enterprise clients have full access to our proprietary SEO software suite. Empower your in-house teams to implement SEO best practices at every level of your organization.