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“The SEO Content Assistant AI did the job of 10 writers in half the time”
- John D. CEO of MarketLog

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Earn More Keyword Rankings with the Leading Content Optimization Software

Content that ranks requires more than just carefully placed keywords. As Google’s abilities to understand language advance, so must your approach to SEO content creation. Elevate the performance of any content, easily. SearchAtlas’s SEO Content Assistant tool makes producing rank-worthy web pages easier.

Our content editor improves the relevance, topical depth, and quality indicators of your web content. Optimize your landing pages, blog posts, and even content for your off-site link building.

Speed Up Your SEO Content Production with our AI-powered Content Generator.

By harnessing the power of the world’s largest NLP model, GPT-3, our tool helps your writing team generate high-quality drafts and get your content started on the right track. Add in Focus Terms to improve the depth of your content, and work through your editorial calendars at a far quicker pace.

Speed up every part of the content writing process, from ideation, research, drafting, and optimization, all from a single tool.

What Makes the SEO Content Assistant Better Than Other Content Tools?

Top-ranking content needs to demonstrate topical understanding, originality, and engagement strategies that take skill and finesse. Why? Google’s algorithms understand your copy and can analyze its quality. Our proprietary software performs competitor research, optimizes for Google’s NLP algorithms, and helps you create the best content.

Expedite the writing process with our dynamic in-tool AI content generator. Our AI tool produces original content with superior grammatical accuracy. With one click, add text that reflects your topic’s optimal section length and format including, paragraph breaks, lists, and bullet points.
Content Planner
Explore hundreds of topics and keyword clusters based on a single keyword input. Easily create SEO content calendars for your website or assign topics and articles to your team of in-house or agency writers. Plan out your content strategy and scale up your content production with the help of a single tool.
Internal Links Suggestions
Improve your internal linking profile with our link suggestions feature. Easily add internal links to other pages on your website with just 1-click. Encourage users to stay on your website and show Google crawlers how your content interrelates. Our software suggests relevant content and anchor text so you can build internal links that improve your SEO.
Keyword Data
Metrics like search volume (SV), cost-per-click (CPC), and keyword difficulty (KD) scores are built-in. Users can also adjust the search location of any keyword. Find better keyword targets so you can start ranking in top SERP positions.
Focus Terms
Focus Terms increase topical authority and depth to your landing pages, blogs, product pages, and more. Work with a cache of NLP terms and questions related to your topic. Our software labels which terms to include in headings and which to reduce usage of to avoid keyword stuffing.
Streamline the Writing Process
Easily identify how often to include each Focus Term within your content and track your progress with easy-to-read progress bars below each term. The Focus Terms list is ordered hierarchically by importance. As you meet a Focus Term’s quota, it will shift from the “Include More” to the “Complete” list.
1-click Publishing to Wordpress
Publish your new or optimized content to a WordPress site with just 1-click. Download LinkGraph's MetaSynch plugin and make optimizing and updating your content even more streamlined. Audit your on-page content and publish your changes to WP in seconds.
Instant Content Briefs
Create content briefs for your writers in a simple series of clicks. Provide word count, readability, Focus Terms, and suggested internal and external links to speed up content production and make on-page optimization seamless.
Top-Ranking Content
The tool’s Competitor Research Report shows you the top-ranking web pages for your target keywords, as well as their Content Scores and Domain Ratings. Use these insights to understand what it will take to rank on page one.

The Leading AI Content Optimization Tool for Content Creators, Marketers, & SEO Copywriters

Perform keyword research, write SEO content, and improve on-page optimization all with a single SEO tool. Optimize your existing landing pages and start ranking for the high-value keywords in your industry. Create blog posts that target multiple keywords and increase your overall keyword rankings. Easily complete SEO writing for the off-site content you create for link building or digital PR campaigns.

Scale your Content Marketing Strategy and Dominate the SERPs. More Content = More Rankings.

On-page SEO is not just about keywords.

Highly-optimized content is comprehensive, original, engaging, and answers all of the questions users have about a topic. Quality content should also include optimized page titles, headlines, HTML tags, meta descriptions, internal links, external links, alt text, and anchor text. Our content optimizer factors in all of these on-page elements, helping you create content that is more likely to appear at the top of Google rankings.

Find more ranking opportunities with the keyword suggestions feature.

Find more search queries to rank for with target keyword suggestions. Then garner more attention and longer time-on-page with relevant Focus Terms, related questions, page heading terms, and target word frequency. When these features are integrated into your blogs, product descriptions, and landing pages, your web pages can outrank competitors for high-value keywords in your industry.

The SEO Content Assistant identifies the most impactful content insights to help increase the relevance and value of your content to searchers.

Google crawlers identify your content’s readability and depth of information, which is why our tool provides Focus Terms that improve your content while preventing keyword stuffing. Whether you utilize the content optimizer for blog content, landing pages, or other content marketing purposes, this tool helps you achieve your ultimate goal, to create high-quality, relevant web content that users and Google love.

Get access to more keywords and greater collaborative abilities.

Unlike other content analysis tools, SearchAtlas empowers you to optimize your landing pages and web content for up to 5 keywords. The intuitive user interface and real-time data analytics make the SEO Content Assistant the ideal tool for site owners, content creators, and digital marketing agencies.

Climb the SERPs by Creating Better Content

Not All Content Is Created Equal

Google is getting better at identifying quality signals on web pages. Their crawlers not only understand what content is relevant, but what web pages provide the best value and page experience to searchers. This focus on the value of superior information means that even for newer sites with less authority, high-quality content can get your brand ranking on page one.

Our industry-leading team includes trailblazing content creators, content strategists, technical SEO experts, data analysts, and web developers. Together, we created SearchAtlas’s SEO Content Assistant tool. We left no ranking factor unaccounted for and quality-tested our software relentlessly.

Our tools streamline the SEO writing process by automating research and providing intuitive optimization tools built into the content editor. There’s no need to learn the ins and outs of every Google ranking factor--we’ve done the work for you. Begin creating top-ranking content sooner, and generate momentum from your growing web traffic.

Assisting the Content Creation Process from Beginning to End.

  • 1. Improve Existing Content
  • 2. Integrated Research & Planning
  • 3. Topic Inspiration
  • 4. Live Content Score Updates
  • 5. Collaboration & Exporting
  • 6. Performance Tracking
With SearchAtlas’s SEO Content Assistant tool, there’s no need to start content from scratch or spend excessive time copying and pasting text into the content tool. You can import any of your existing URLs directly into the editor. And when you do, you will also receive a range of technical SEO performance reports in addition to content suggestions.
When it comes to producing high-quality, original content that will rank, many site owners aren’t sure where to start. With our content creation tool, you can research keywords, competitors, and gain access to content ideas to get you started. In fact, with SearchAtlas’s keyword research capabilities, you can confidently develop a full-scale SEO content strategy.
For each piece of content, you can begin with one target keyword and add up to four more. For those that are unsure of which search terms pair best with your target keyword or goal, the SEO Content Assistant will recommend others and provide you with essential keyword metrics like search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC. Change your mind? Easily adjust your target keywords without having to start a new project.
As you write, you can reference Focus Terms and Related Questions from an expansive list to enrich your content. Our content creation tool will update your content score to reflect its SEO strength throughout the process. Not only does the Content Assistant give you a target word count based on your competition, but you can track your word count on the progress bar. The tool also has a built-in readability checker with a recommended reading level.
Once you’ve created your content, it’s easy to share it with colleagues, clients, or anyone else on your team. The SEO Content Assistant tool allows you to export to Google Docs, invite others to view the content, or add seats to your account for collaborators.
After adding your new or revised content to your website, use the SearchAtlas suite of tools to track its performance. The GSC Insights tool uses data from Google Search Console to help you visualize your website’s progress, including the performance of your individual pages. From there, you can continue to improve your site for optimal search engine optimization, even as Google’s algorithms change.
What is an SEO content editor?

An SEO content editor or search engine content optimizer is a word processor (or writing assistant) that is designed to improve a website’s search visibility through landing pages and articles that are tailored to trigger quality signals in search engines’ algorithms. Over time, the higher quality landing pages will result in a higher search engine ranking.

SearchAtlas’s SEO content editor works like a writing assistant designed to guide the writer through SEO opportunities. This allows people to create written pieces that integrate strategic SEO elements, such as search terms, headlines, call-to-actions (CTAs), meta tags, and images. The result is more people finding the website through higher position among search engine results and better conversion rates for higher revenue.

Our proprietary search engine optimization system also allows you to avoid SEO issues like keyword stuffing, broken links, and poor anchor text selection in CTAs.

Is the SearchAtlas SEO writing assistant free?

LinkGraph offers a free trial of our SEO Content Assistant tool. While not a free version of the platform, the trial will provide you with a good idea of how the basic plan can create value for your writing team. We offer pricing plans starting at $49 per month for the content editor, which includes the best SEO checker

How does SEO affect conversion rates?

Many search engine optimization best practices what your audience prefers, anyway. SEO is integral to conversion rate optimization.

Many support conversion through better branding and a reliable, user-friendly experience. SEO is inclusive of web development in addition to the proper integration of primary and secondary keywords so you have a higher chance of being discovered by your target audience. For example, writing an effective conclusion encourages users to click your CTA button. And this action button can lead your audience deeper into your sales funnel and closer to a conversion.

What data does the SEO Content Assistant tool provide?

When it comes to choosing target keywords for your search engine optimization campaigns and landing pages, you want the terms you integrate to be data-backed for best results. SearchAtlas’s SEO Content Assistant tool integrates several sources of data to ensure your content reflects the latest search engine’s query metric, historically and projected into the future.

As a result, you will find an accurate search volume, cost-per-click, and keyword ranking difficulty for each target keyword. Additionally, our tool allows you to geo-target keywords so your content can perform better in location-based searches for your target geographic areas. From H1 to H6 tags, to URL slugs, and image frequency, our tool allows you to create content that is more likely to appear at the top of Google rankings.

How does the tool determine the Focus Terms?

Our software crawls the top-ranking web pages in the SERPs for your target keyword during the period of time you’re optimizing. The tool l identifies the common relevant keywords and long-tail word phrases found on those particular pages and provides a list of those words.

For high competition keywords or top results that include given websites with higher domain authority, more Focus Terms will be required to outrank those top results. You will also likely need more long-form written pieces to include the recommended terms while maintaining the readability of your content, particularly if you want your landing pages to be high-performing in the long run.

Include the focus words the recommended number of times during your content writing — from the first paragraph to the last — and your content will be more likely to rank among top search results.

What determines my landing page’s SEO score?

SearchAtlas’s content optimizer score reflects overall content quality in a combination with optimal keyword use. Elements like title length, keyword density, URL structure, hyperlinks. relevant internal links, writing style, misspellings, relevant topics, and LSI words will all impact your score. With every content piece you create, our landing page optimization score measures how it will rank in relation to top-ranking pages.

If you optimize for any secondary keywords or a maximum of 5 focus keywords, it will require more terms and related keywords to achieve a better score. Content creators can write from scratch or make tweaks in the content editor and use the content optimization score as a benchmark as they work. Better written content with more detailed information will correlate with better rankings for your landing pages.

Does the SEO Content Assistant tool include an originality checker?

As of now, SearchAtlas does not have an integrated originality checker feature. However, this addition may be available in the future. The best way to produce engaging and valuable content is to provide original and valuable information. We never recommend plagiarism.

Can I use the SEO Content Assistant tool on my homepage?

Yes. We recommend optimizing all of your written text. Our tool is designed to improve the overall quality of your content, so using it to improve your user experience by finding technical issues is a great benefit. However, most organic traffic will click onto (or “land on”) your page from a landing page rather than your homepage.

How does the SEO Content Assistant’s AI generator tool work?

The AI generator allows you to easily add AI-generated text to your document. Our AI content generator works on Google’s GPT3 technology, which uses deep learning to produce the most grammatically accurate and engaging text. GPT3 is part of Google’s natural language processing (NLP) systems. Often, the content it produces cannot be distinguished from content created by a person.

Unlike other AI content generators, ours produces smarter content without the same restrictive character limits or awkward grammatical structures of other AI tools. You will find SCA’s content generator will produce list-style sections, bulleted lists when these format styles best fit the content request.

To use the tool, all you have to do is highlight the section header you want to fill out with text then select “Write a paragraph for me.”

Can I share documents that I create in the SEO Content Assistant tool?

Yes. Our content optimization tool makes it simple to share your SEO content with other members of your team. Whether you want to export your work into a Google Doc. You can also work on projects together within the SearchAtlas dashboard. This ability to collaborate makes SearchAtlas optimal for bloggers, PPC experts, marketers, agencies, search engine optimization copywriters, or website owners to maintain best practices together.

Sign up for a free trial and see how easy on-page content creation is with the right tool.

How do I use SearchAtlas's SEO Writing Assistant in Google Docs?

Using the SearchAtlas SEO content assistant tool in Google Docs is as straightforward as adding the SearchAtlas Google Chrome extension to the Chrome browser. Then, turn the tool on by clicking “Optimize Content” while you write.  Integrate the suggestions as you go for better ranking landing pages.

How do you optimize a landing page with the SEO Content Assistant tool?

Optimizing a landing page in SearchAtlas’s SEO Content Assistant tool is as straightforward as creating content from scratch based on focus keywords or importing your existing landing page URL. We’ve designed our tool to seamlessly take you through your writing workflow. Then, you can add additional target focus keywords if you would like. Then, produce content based on the recommended terms, word count, and reading level. Keep in mind the landing page form as you go. Use hierarchical headings, then export your copy and begin your landing page design.

If you import an existing page, you are also able to discover issues or mistakes in your technical elements on the page that could result in a higher bounce rate or fewer people exploring deeper into your website.

How does the SEO Content Assistant tool handle images?

Images are important web elements. And they don’t just get users’ attention. They often propel website visitors through your written text by increasing its engagement level. Because of this, images and rich media matter as much as your website’s tone of voice, originality, user experience, and other important elements that represent your brand.

People prefer homepages and articles with pictures, which is why the SearchAtlas team integrated photo importing into the content editor. When you import a web page into the SEO Content Assistant tool, your images and graphics will appear as icons. When exported to Google Docs, the images will repopulate.

If you prefer working in Google Docs, you can with the SearchAtals extension. This way you can smoothly integrate images.

How does the SEO Content Assistant tool compare to other search engine optimization checkers and writing tools?

SearchAtlas provides improved functionality, more SEO tools, more detailed reports, and an entire suite of tools to improve your search engine position. We exceed the capabilities of SEMrush, Surfer SEO, and ClearScope.

But the biggest benefit of using SearchAtlas’s SEO Content Assistant tool is your website visitors will enjoy better-written content.

How does the URL import option benefit users?

When you use the SEO Content Assistant tool’s web page import tool, you will receive a technical SEO report with a performance score, image list, header tag list, videos, all internal and external links, schema validator, social links, meta tags, including title tag and meta description, sitemap, and your robots.txt file. These capabilities allow you to review your technical score alongside your content’s SEO score. You can also identify broken links, change anchor text (perfect for CTAs), and get an edge on your competition.

How can I use SearchAtalas’s keyword data?

High search query volume of keywords can get you more impressions, but they are often more competitive. CPC can show you the estimated conversion value of a keyword, but overall, think about the search intent and whether ranking for your given keyword will put your website in front of the right audience. When choosing a new keyword, a simple way to determine your selection is to only target keywords with a difficulty level that is equal to or less than your website’s domain authority or domain rating score.

How Does SearchAtlas Compare to ClearScope?

ClearScope only provides related terms for one target keyword per piece of content and none of the auxiliary optimization tools. Additionally, ClearScope provides you with 20 pieces of content monthly compared to SearchAtlas’s 40. SearchAtlas’s user dashboard is also designed to make SEO writing and research fluid with an impressive range of PDF exportable reports. ClearScope only allows you to export your SEO writing to Google Docs and reports to Excel. For a more detailed comparison, see our SearchAtlas vs. Clearscope page.


SearchAtlas is more than an SEO checker for SEO writing, it’s a site auditing, page analysis, and webpage improvement tool.

Does SearchAtlas provide tutorials for the SEO Content Assistant tool?

Throughout the tool’s interface, you will find tutorial videos and examples of how to use the tool as well as the purpose of each feature. We are also developing video series and SEO courses for content creation beginners.

Does the SearchAtlas SEO Content Assistant tool have a WordPress plugin?

SearchAtlas has a Chrome extension that can be used in WordPress, so you can edit existing posts and pages in WordPress. Simply install the extension then navigate to WordPress and open the post you want to improve. Edit and revise the post based on the suggested focus keywords and title ideas, then give your content time to be crawled and found, and with increased attention and better content, you should achieve higher conversion rates and greater revenue.

Can LinkGraph create web content for my brand?

Absolutely. Our SEO company offers high-quality content writing services to brands of all sizes. Creating a lot of content on a consistent basis can be time-consuming, but great content is essential to rank for more long-tail keywords and improve your search engine rankings. Our content strategy professionals will create SEO-friendly content on any given topic in your industry niche and at scale. Whether you need new content like a home page, blog posts, landing pages, or off-site articles for link building, writing content that ranks is one of LinkGraph’s specialties.

Do you do SEO audits?

Our SEO pros can audit your website for website speed, bad links, duplicate content, user interface, and page design, content relevancy, conversion funnel, social signals, readability, mobile usability, and other critical issues related to overall site performance and SEO success. Our audits can identify the pain points and weaknesses and provide an overall picture of how to improve your brand’s online visibility and appearances in search engine results.

What other SEO Software does LinkGraph offer?

Our SEO software suite offers a range of SEO tools to help you execute and elevate your organic search strategy and website performance. Our Google Search Console Tool provides core insights and data visualizations to measure your keyword rankings and organic traffic. The tool is also ideal for SEO A/B testing. The dashboard also includes a keyword research tool, a backlink analyzer ideal for identifying spammy links and performing backlink profile competitor analysis. SearchAtlas also has a Site Audit tool that allows you to identify issues on your overall website and individual web pages.