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What are Managed SEO Campaigns?

LinkGraph’s award-winning, managed SEO campaigns give your brand access to our highest authority links and our customized, tailored SEO strategy. Each campaign kicks off with a review of your specific business goals, target audience, industry niche, and market landscape. We formulate an SEO plan specifically for your brand and industry space. Managed campaigns include competitor analysis, keyword research, on-page content optimization, off-site link building, technical SEO, and automated reporting to help you track your progress. The end result? Comprehensive SEO strategies that dominate the competition and drive high-converting, qualified traffic to your website.

Link Building

Get access to our highest-quality backlinks. With managed SEO campaigns, we secure link placements on more authoritative websites.

Keyword Research

Our SEO professionals find the target keywords that present the best ranking opportunities and highest conversion potential for your brand.

Content Strategy

Drive traffic to your website with high-quality content creation that brings value to your target audience and keyword rankings for your website.

Technical SEO

From page speed, site structure, metadata, and more, we ensure the technical performance of your website is in top form.

SEO Management Services

SEO Audit
Competitor Analysis
On-Page SEO
Content Creation
Technical Optimizations
White-Hat Link Building
Campaign Review and Reporting
SEO Audit

Our managed SEO services begin with a full website audit to understand your website’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall online visibility. This audit helps our team of experts identify areas of improvement and create a roadmap to elevate your website’s SEO performance. After the audit, we create a customized, tailored SEO strategy that accelerates growth by driving more organic traffic to your website.

A one-size-fits-all SEO strategy is not the right approach to getting to the top of search results. Although there are certain SEO best practices, Google has different ranking factors for different industries and keyword searches. Our SEO team is made up of experts on Google’s algorithms and technology. We bring years of experience in studying Google ranking factors to your SEO strategy. We ensure that every optimization decision is backed by data and drives real results.

If you’re unsure of what is holding your website back from ranking at the top of the SERPs, the site audit is essential in determining what off-site or on-page optimizations will lead to a successful SEO strategy. Our basic link building and content creation packages do not include a sitewide audit, which makes our SEO management services even more valuable to our current and potential clients.

Technical SEO Audits Consultation
Competitor Analysis

In order to get your site to the top of the SERPs, our team of experts gains a thorough understanding of your direct competitors and indirect competitors. After a site audit, we provide extensive competitive analysis to understand the online presence, site authority, and visibility of other websites and brands targeting similar keywords and markets.

Depending on the size of your direct competitors’ backlink profiles, we will recommend a combination of off-site and on-site optimizations that help Google see the quality of your content and the authority of your brand. Outranking your competitors may take time, so we identify lower-competition and long-tail search queries to get your site qualified traffic in the meantime as we continue to build your site authority through link building and content strategy.

Our SEO experts have helped hundreds of brands outrank their competitors with our combination of managed services and proprietary software. Even if your competitors are well established with large backlink profiles, Linkgraph develops a competitive strategy that leverages every optimization to get your website in front of more potential customers.

Competitor Analysis Consultation
On-Page SEO

Once our SEO managers identify the best keyword opportunities for your website, we begin the process of site optimization. On-page SEO usually involves updating your website content or creating new content, that shows Google the relevance and quality of your web pages in comparison to your competitors.

Our team of SEO experts will work closely with our editorial team to optimize your content with SEO-friendly title tags, meta descriptions, URL paths, and semantically rich website copy. With the help of our proprietary software, our SEO team ensures that your home page, landing pages, and blog posts are crafted to drive the best results in search engines.

For any local or small business that serves local markets, we implement local SEO optimizations to help your content rank in local searches. On-page SEO includes all of the visible and invisible content on your web page, and our SEO experts review all of it. With our managed services, you get the most comprehensive digital marketing strategies to make your content work harder for your brand.

On-Page SEO Consultation
Content Creation

Each new piece of content that your website publishes provides new opportunities to get your website in front of more potential customers. We recommend that our clients pursue a comprehensive content strategy to increase their total number of keyword rankings and build their topical authority in their specific industry niche.

By publishing blog posts and long-form content on a regular basis, your website shows Google that you provide valuable information to those users who discover you through search engines. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to build your online presence and provides not only ranking opportunities but content for social media marketing and link-building campaigns.

Our content team can create blog content, long-form articles, infographics, ebooks, and more to drive SEO performance and customer acquisition. Depending on the type of content that would drive the best results, your managed SEO campaign can include a combination of content deliverables. Talk to our sales team to learn more about how content creation can fit into your managed SEO campaign.

Content Creation Consultation
Technical Optimizations

Our comprehensive SEO strategies include technical SEO to elevate the performance and user experience of your web pages. Factors like page speed, load times, and responsive design all impact your web page’s ability to rank in search results. Our SEO managers will conduct extensive technical optimizations to ensure no performance problems impact the rankability of your web pages or hinder the user experience.

Our technical SEO services also include optimizing metadata like robots, canonical, and schema tags, as well as page titles, meta descriptions, and headings for keyword inclusion. Search engine crawlers look to meta tags to understand the relevance of your content. Our SEO team confirms your metadata accurately communicates to Google what your web pages are about.

Our managed campaigns include technical optimizations across your home page, service pages, or product pages. For any enterprise SEO needs, like technical SEO for hundreds to thousands of landing pages, our SEO service agency can design a managed SEO plan that meets those demands at scale. Talk to one of our project managers to learn more about technical SEO options in our managed service plans.

Site Structure Consultation
White-Hat Link Building

LinkGraph’s award-winning link-building services make our managed SEO campaigns even more valuable to potential clients. Our white-hat SEO process uses content creation and manual outreach to secure your website quality links on reputable, industry-specific websites. With our managed SEO campaigns, you get access to our highest DA links, meaning more powerful links driving your growth and building your site authority.

Acquiring backlinks is an essential part of ranking in search results. Our SEO managers help your brand determine contextual anchor text that will give your links even more authority. Our links always come through original content on relevant publications that have strong SEO metrics themselves, like site traffic and Domain Authority.

See our link-building pricing table to compare our solo link-building packages with the multiple SEO deliverables in our managed campaigns. By combining our link-building service with other digital marketing strategies, we can drive growth, visibility, and site traffic more quickly and consistently.

Most site owners do the bare minimum when it comes to internal linking, but with our strategic SEO services, you can get more from the links on your site’s URL. For older websites that have earned Page Rank, the next step is to use that link equity to improve your site’s ranking for the web pages that are the most valuable or the highest performing.

Internal Links Consultation
Campaign Review and Reporting

Our SEO managers provide monthly reports so you can measure your SEO performance and determine whether our recommended plan helps your business achieve its goals.  We provide full transparency on all of our optimization decisions and the reasoning that leads to the unique process we apply to your SEO packages.

As an award-winning SEO service provider, we pride ourselves on our professional SEO management services and the unique and creative ways we have been able to drive growth for enterprise organizations across industries. Our managed SEO services provide our SEO agency more flexibility in determining the most effective way to harness the power of our search engine optimization services.

See your deliverables in your account dashboard. If you have access to our software, you can track your SEO performance and success for the entire length of your managed campaign. We don’t lock our potential clients into long-term clients, because we are confident our SEO team can design the right plan that drives results and fits your brand’s bottom line.

Site Speed and Performance Consultation

Managed SEO Campaign Packages

Managed SEO campaigns include a custom combination of on-page SEO, off-site SEO, technical SEO, and content strategy tailored to your website’s needs. Business packages and higher receive complimentary upgraded access to the award-winning SearchAtlas Software Suite.


Service Name


Service Tier

Authority Building (credits)

Onsite Content (hours)

Web Development + Technical SEO (hours)

Software Access

Search Atlas Account

Early access to new software features

Locked rate

Support & Guidance

Account Manager Support (hours)

Dedicated SEO Writer

Live chat // Slack private channel

1-on-1 Consultation with SEO Specialist


Access to Webinars

SEO Training Modules


Monthly SEO Reporting

LinkGraph SEO Metrics Improvement Guarantee **

Total Strategy Hours


Small Business Boon

$1,500 / M






Starter plan $48 (without campagin $99) 1 seat






Business Basic Deal

$3,000 / M






Growth plan $148 (without campaign $299)






Business Growth Plan

$6,000 / M






Growth plan $148 (without campaign $299)







Enterprise-Ready Plan

$12,000 / M






PRO plan $224 (without campaign $499)








Min  $6,000









Dominate the SERPs with our comprehensive SEO management services.

Key Features of Managed SEO Campaigns

Customized Strategy
Earning more traffic from organic search takes creativity, data-driven decisions, and industry-specific strategy. Unlike our traditional packages and pricing tables, our managed SEO and marketing campaigns can be designed to fit your industry and business goals. Unlike other agency partners, we don't lock you into long-term contracts or packages. We'll provide everything you need, and nothing you don't.
Outsource or Collaborate
Whether you want to remove the work of search engine optimization entirely or want to work closely with our SEO specialists, we allow you to be as involved or uninvolved in your SEO strategy as you desire. Our goal is to be the best agency partner for you, so whether you want to connect on a monthly or weekly basis, we do what it takes to earn your trust and become your ideal SEO service provider.
Flexible Solutions
As your digital marketing needs change, so can your services and your campaign budget. Our SEO team will work to tailor our services to the SEO, PPC, or content marketing products that will most benefit your brand. Already ranking for your target keywords? We can shift our focus to improve your conversion rates or provide marquee digital pr services. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have the in-house team to always be elevating your presence in the digital world.
White-Hat SEO Processes
All of our professional SEO services are Google compliant to ensure your long-term search engine success. Our unique process uses the power of original content to earn links, new keyword rankings, and elevate your overall online presence in the digital world. Unlike some SEO agencies, we never participate in black hat tactics and will only employ long-term, Google-friendly on-page SEO and off-site strategies.

Additional Managed SEO Services

Free Consultation
Not sure if our managed SEO packages are the right choice for you? Schedule a free consultation with a member of our SEO team. Whether you need an eCommerce SEO agency partner, a SaaS marketing agency, or an enterprise-level partner, our SEO agency operates at scale and can create a customized strategy that works best for your unique business needs.
Agency-Friendly Services
If you’re an SEO agency or marketing agency looking for a white label SEO service provider, our white label link building and white label SEO offerings can help you expand the SEO products you offer your clients. We work with agencies to serve clients across industries, so let us know the services you need, and when you need them. We will design a managed SEO package that works best for your brand.
Proprietary Software
If you would like to include a software plan in your managed SEO package, our account managers can work with you to find the plan that fits your needs. Use our GSC Insights tool to track your SEO performance. Optimize your landing page or blog posts with the help of the SEO Content Assistant, or perform competitor benchmarking with our Backlink Analyzer. By including a software plan in your managed SEO plan, you’ll have even more options in your SEO toolkit.

SEO Management Case Studies

As a SEO management company, LinkGraph has worked with thousands of brands, entrepreneurs, business owners, and enterprise organizations to execute comprehensive on-site and off-site strategies that drive growth and revenue. Review our SEO case studies, as well as our customer testimonials, to learn how LinkGraph's managed SEO service has helped businesses earn new leads and revenue through organic search.

SEO Management Process

1. Keyword Research

Our SEO experts start with keyword research based on your specific site, industry, and goals. They take into consideration the following criteria: Search Volume (how many people search that term each month) and Keyword Difficulty (how competitive the search market is for this term). We also consider competitor targeting, conversion indicators, and business alignment. Based on our analysis, we will identify all likely-to-convert terms, rank them by impact, and then identify which ones are quick wins, and which ones are longer-term goals. These key words and phrases become the foundation of our recommended plan for your search engine optimization strategy.

2. SEO Campaign Strategy

LinkGraph structures campaigns to meet the specific goals of your business. We include a mix of quick wins and quarterly targets, so you see quantifiable ROI every step of the way. We define quick wins as low competitive keywords for which we can significantly move your search engine Ranking Position (SERP) within 30 business days. Quarterly targets are terms that will have significant impact on your business, but will require more than a single month’s effort to reach page one. We will craft an SEO strategy which can either be executed immediately or reviewed with your team for approval. Depending on your specific goals and our competitor analysis, campaigns can include a combination of onsite content improvements, high quality white-hat link building, local SEO, enterprise SEO, and other individual services.

3. Campaign Execution

Our 50+ person content management team of digital marketing experts, bloggers, and journalists have got your content needs covered. We’ll pitch you a series of topics and your team green-lights the ones you like. We’ll take the reins from content development to title tag optimization. For link building, your project manager will handle everything end-to-end from ideation, to pitching, and rapid revisions that allow us to secure some of the highest quality placements in the business. Enjoy real-time visibility into every aspect of your campaign through your customer dashboard where you can watch every single link we earn for your site go live. In your monthly review meeting, your dedicated account manager will cover campaign progress and upcoming adjustments as we continually reallocate resources to dynamically increase the impact of each month’s campaign via keyword and conversion tracking.

Need help with a specific SEO issue? We’re here to help you!
How do I get started?

Fill out a contact form or schedule a meeting with one of our SEO professionals. They’ll walk you through our SEO management services. All you need is your domain, a contact person, and payment method – we can handle everything else.

What’s my commitment with your SEO agency?

To unlock DA 80+ publications you need to make a three-month commitment, this allows us to slot you effectively into upcoming editorial calendars and opens the door to working with marquee publications. For all other scenarios, you have no commitment past the 30 days you’ve paid for, cancel at any time if you fail to see results.

Do you have SEO campaign materials to help discuss this with my team?

Yes, please connect with our team of experts to request a LinkGraph process overview deck . You can also take a look at a LinkGraph SEO case study or any of our blog posts to learn more about our SEO products and track record.  You can also schedule a free consultation to learn more about what managed SEO campaigns include.

What does the setup fee cover?

The setup fee covers your initial site audit, target market research, and setup of your account within our system. In special cases your account manager may be able to waive this fee, so be sure to ask!

How will my SEO budget be spent?

Your budget is allocated to each piece of onsite content, offsite content, local listings, or technical SEO work completed for your site. These breakdowns will be provided to you prior to your SEO campaign kickoff. As part of our managed campaigns, you will NEVER be charged for ongoing keyword research, SEO reporting, competitive analysis or discussions with your account manager.

What if I want only link building with no changes to my site?

Usually, that’s not a problem. In some cases, it can limit the range of search terms you can target and your overall ranking potential for various terms.  Every campaign performs better with a degree of on-page SEO improvements, but feel free to discuss any specific concerns or considerations with our SEO specialists and they’ll be happy to work with you whatever constraints you may have!

Why don’t you offer DA 60-90 publications in the self-serve link building products page?

Not all sites are ready for high-powered links, some don’t have diverse enough backlink profiles, and others don’t have enough onsite content to reap the benefits of our highest authority links.

If you’re interested solely in high-authority links (as an individual, or as a high volume reseller) talk to one of our Account Managers and we’ll help you take this on safely.

Why do managed campaigns cost less than your self-serve link building, if I’m getting more?

Managed campaigns allow us to set your site up for success and show you better results, in other words we know you’re going to be a repeat customer.

What other SEO services do you offer?

As a full-scale digital marketing and Link Building Agency, we specialize in all areas of paid media, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Whether you need local SEO, competitor analysis, blogs, or access to our white label seo software, we provide full-scale digital marketing services to small businesses, enterprise-level organizations, and private label SEO firms.

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