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We paired data science with GSC to bring you the most advanced SEO performance and rank tracking tool.
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Why GSC Insights is the
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See Every Keyword with 100% Accuracy

Popular tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs miss 30-40% of the keywords sending traffic to your site. We see 100% of keywords and with real-time position tracking.

No More Picking Keywords

Why pick keywords when you can track them all with full historical data? See the performance of every keyword your site ranks for in Google at no additional costs.

See SEO Wins Faster

Find out what’s working with your SEO strategy. With full impressions data and daily position updates, your team can immediately prove the value of your SEO efforts.

SEO A/B Testing

Measure how your landing pages perform after specific optimizations. Get the granular, real-time data you need to understand the effectiveness of on-site optimizations.

Quantify the Economic Value of SEO

Understand the economic value of your organic traffic. Show the value of your SEO strategy and calculate the ROI of your SEO campaigns.

No other rank tracking tool comes close to this level of insight, accuracy, and detail.

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Key Features of GSC Insights
Full Keyword Position History
Track keyword rankings going back in time up to 10 years. Get a bird’s-eye view of your SEO performance. See all keyword rankings or focus on a specific cohort with a single click.
Comprehensive Keyword Tracking
Track every keyword your web pages rank for. Includes daily position change updates and full clicks, impressions, CPC, SV, and total economic value data.
Page-Level Historical Data
Get the full SEO performance history of any page on your website. Historical data includes the total number of keywords the page is ranking for, current keyword rankings, average position across all keywords, and historical organic traffic to the page.
Overall Rank Change
Monitor site-wide ranking trends, especially during times of search volatility or Google algorithm updates. Stay on the cresting tide of your rankings.
Algorithm Update Analysis
See when Google’s major algorithm updates occurred and what search factors were impacted. Scroll over the algorithm icons for details on the update and to better understand how those changes impact your overall keyword rankings.
Top Pages Reports
Understand which pages of your website are driving the most organic impressions and traffic. Easily identify pages for improvement and filter reports by impressions, traffic, average position, and total keywords.
Page Groupings & Analysis
Easily track performance of different sections of your website, like blog posts, service pages, resource pages, etc. Allows ecommerce companies to track SEO performance by product, category, or any other site section.
Economic Value of Traffic
Quantify the value of SEO investments with the economic value of your monthly traffic. Help your team understand how much has been saved in PPC costs by ranking organically for keywords.
Traffic and CTR by Keyword Position
Study your CTR and traffic by SERP position across all of your keywords. Quantify how much traffic your site could gain by improving your current rankings.
Site Event & SEO Campaign Tracking
Use the Site Events feature to A/B test specific optimizations, technical improvements, or your overall SEO campaigns. Track whether the event was sitewide or impacted specific pages. Add your Site Events to your Historical Data to easily measure the impact on your keyword rankings.
Why your Brand Needs GSC Insights
If your brand wants to run an impactful SEO campaign, you need to understand the keywords your url ranks for, your average position, and the source of your website traffic. Our rank tracker tool is ideal for small businesses and enterprise-level organizations in any industry niche or market. If you want to truly elevate your SEO progress, GSC Insights provides accurate, engaging, comprehensive data so you can optimize with more clarity and accomplish your SEO goals.
What is Google's Search Console (GSC)?

GSC is similar to Google Analytics in that it is a free tool provided by Google that gives webmasters access to important metrics and data about their websites. Unlike Google Analytics, Search console specifically tracks keyword rankings so SEO experts and website owners can understand what specific keywords their web pages rank for and what search queries are driving traffic to those web pages.

What's the difference between GSC and GSC Insights?

GSC Insights is built over Google’s API, meaning the data comes directly from Google. Although GSC provides basic key metrics, it has a limited user interface and dashboard. That makes it difficult to understand what to do with all of that data to actually improve your site’s appearances in search results.
GSC Insights comes with a striking dashboard that provides advanced data analytics so you can understand the organic traffic and keyword performance of your URL at a more granular level.

What data does GSC Insights track?

Keyword rankings, impressions, search queries, CTR, site traffic from desktop and mobile devices, average position, organic search traffic, XML sitemap performance, keyword CPC, and other key data points and KPIs related to your site’s performance. The SEO platform is ideal for SEO professionals, webmasters, online marketers, or anyone who needs to understand keyword performance and other actionable insights about their site content in order to earn better rankings. It is the easiest way to engage with SEO data for both beginners and experts.

How does your SEO tracking compare with other software platforms?

In comparison to other software programs like Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz, GSC Insights leverages the Search Console API, meaning more accurate key performance indicators for your optimization efforts. Access to this kind of actionable data on a regular basis can lead to higher rankings and a more nuanced understanding of your search positions.

Do I need a Google Search Console account to use your tool?

Yes. The first step is to set up an account with LinkGraph. You’ll be prompted to link your Google account with GSC Insights. Our keyword rankings history graph will populate with data from your own website, including the number of keywords your site is ranking for, the number of impressions, and other important SEO metrics.

How can GSC Insights help my website rank better?

Having the right analytics is essential to showing up in the search engine results pages. If your stats and KPIs are not up-to-date, you will not be able to fully track whether the optimizations you make to your own website are actually having an impact. When you tweak and make adjustments to your internal links, title tags, meta descriptions, HTML tags, site structure, site speed, HTML code, mobile pages, page titles, structured data, UX, or other fluctuations, more accurate data will help you understand the value of SEO and measure your SEO progress against previous periods.

What's the best way to use my search console data?

With LinkGraph GSC Insights, you have daily updates of fresh rankings so you can understand the changes you make across your entire website and whether they have an impact. With every change you make to your site settings or each new piece of new content you create, our rank tracker and console dashboard software shows the impact on your rankings, and in less time than with other softwares. Whatever desired actions you make on your site, Google Search Console data is the most accurate SEO analytics available.

Can I use GSC Insights as a rank tracker for multiple websites?

Yes. You can track search engine rankings for multiple urls, making it a great tool for SEO agencies and digital marketers that monitor rankings for multiple websites. Unlike Spyfu, Woorank, Semrush, Moz pro and other rank tracking softwares, GSC Insights provides more granular data and comprehensive reporting so you can produce better results for old and new clients.

What other digital marketing services do you offer?

As a full-service SEO and digital marketing agency, we provide an array of marketing services to help you improve your conversions, online visibility, and search results. Our services include local search, website design, keyword analysis, on-page content, keyword strategy, technical SEO, HTML improvements, competitor research, PPC and social media advertising, conversion rate optimization, content strategy, white label link building, search engine optimization, web development, site audits, user experience design, monitored crawling and indexing, XML sitemaps, and more. Our managed SEO campaigns and SEO software tools are the best way to improve site rank and overall marketing strategy.

What KPIs and SEO metrics are important for measuring SEO performance?

There is a lot of data and metadata that can help you earn high rankings, but at the end of the day, the most important information includes your website’s domain authority, total sessions, PageSpeed Insights score, number of clicks, bounce rate, total backlinks, organic rankings, total traffic, average CTR, and organic keywords. Additional metrics for an effective SEO strategy can include traffic sources, Page Rank, goal completions, search position, Majestic’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow, anchor text, mobile rank, and conversion rate. Our SEO professionals can help you understand the relationship between these SEO metrics and stats to Google’s algorithm and ranking factors.

Do you work with small businesses or enterprise organizations?

We work with brands of all sizes regardless of their market share. If you’re a startup that needs keyword research to improve traffic, clicks, and conversions for your url, or an established brand that wants to improve CTR for specific pages or queries, we operate at scale and can be as broad or narrow in our approach as your organic search strategy requires. Our SEO software is also great for brands of all sizes. Sign up for a free trial and see how our SEO tools can bring your website more SEO success and improve your KPIs across the board.

Do you have a backlink tool?

Yes. Our backlink analysis tool is the ideal tool for link building and backlink analysis. our backlink analyzer provides Majestic’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics for all of your referring domains. The tool will flag any low quality or unnatural links or risky sites in your link profile that you may want to disavow. For link building strategy, you can perform a competitor analysis or fetch new backlinks opportunities.

Can I do keyword research with your SEO dashboard?

Yes. Our Keyword Research tool provides the metrics you need to identify the right keywords for your SEO campaigns. Get the search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty of your target keywords. Find new keywords to target for your blog posts or landing pages, and see how a particular keyword measures up against other relevant keywords. Enter multiple search terms to find the best keyword for all the new content you create.

What other SEO tools do you have in your dashboard?

Use our landing page optimizer in your content creation and our keyword research tool in your keyword selection process. Check the Moz domain authority and page authority scores for any url. Analyze your backlink profile, run a competitor analysis, do backlink benchmarking, or even perform an audit of your own website. Whereas Ahrefs and Backlinko are primarily for backlinks, our software encompasses both on-page SEO and offsite SEO effort, providing every metric you need to improve your rankings and overall visibility in organic search results. LinkGraph offers a complete SEO toolkit so you can make better decisions and have the SEO clarity you need to take your campaign’s performance to the next level.